There was a time when ad space was only placed in certain page sizes. They are not meant to cover the page and the ink colors were limited. Right now, the advertisements can appear almost everywhere. You can see the ads while you are scrolling your Instagram feed. You may see it while you are checking our random websites.

The ads that you can show in order to promote your brand may seem limitless. This is good for you because you can reach your target audience faster. The problem is it can be very overwhelming to make the right choice, and when it comes to contextual marketing, there are plenty of options to choose from..

Checking Out Google

Google is known to be the most popular search engine site right now. If you would like to learn different details about something, you will be encouraged to just ‘Google’ it. You will surely learn the details that you are looking for that way. Google knows that it has the power right now so it uses AdWords to help brands promote their product and services.

It is through AdWords that you can answer some of the questions that people may have not only about your products but also about your brand in general. You need to choose the right keywords though so that you can be one of the top searches when people look for the keywords that you have placed.

Process to Follow

This is the process that you can follow to make Google effective for you:

  1. Bid on the terms that you feel will be the best for the services or products that you offer.
  2. Decide on how much you are going to pay.
  3. Your payment may determine your ranking among other factors like the keywords used.
  4. Your current quality score
  5. The services that you are choosing

There will then be an auction that will determine where you will appear.

Other Things Google Can Provide

You may think that this is it but there are still so many other things that Google can provide. Your ads may be shown before a video on YouTube can be played. At times, people will have the option to skip the video or not. There are also other partner websites wherein your brand is meant to appear and possibly be checked by your target audience.

One great thing about using Google is the fact that you will reach a lot of people. There are billions of people who may use Google every day. There is always a chance that your website will be one of those that they will visit. It may be your brand that they will become familiar with.

Checking Out Instagram

What if you would decide to use Instagram ads instead? This is not surprising because a lot of small businesses would rather choose a social media platform to promote. This is usually less expensive as compared to promoting through Google. It is also not as extensive as using AdWords. Instagram will allow your sponsored ad to be viewed as people watch people’s IG stories or while they are scrolling their feed. It also works great for ecommerce and online sales as well.

Instagram may not be the first social media platform that people used. This is not the most widely-used either but people cannot deny its popularity. There are a lot of young adults who choose Instagram as their social media platform. If this age group is your target audience, you will definitely benefit from using Instagram ads.

People Have Different Social Media Accounts

People have different social media accounts because they want to coordinate and speak with their friends. They want to connect with people that they have lost connections with over the years. If you think about the number of people who would like to establish connections again with others, this may translate to potential customers for your brand.

It will be easier for you to curate a type of personality and voice that you would use for your Instagram ad as compared to using Google ads. This can make a better impression on your target audience which means that you will also be checked more.

Just remember that you need to be specific when you create an Instagram ad. Let us say that you are promoting your hotel. What is the hotel good for? Is it good for couples? Is it good for a group of friends? Will it be perfect for large families. You can be specific about what your business can offer to people and your target audience will definitely check your sponsored ad.

Partnering with an Influencer

One of the most popular things that brands do right now is to partner with influencers. This explains why you would see some popular personalities on the Instagram post about certain products or the services of the company that they have tried. If you can do this, you will be able to reach more people for sure.

Based on the things that you have learned, which one do you think is better? There is no specific option that is better than the other. Yet, there is an option that will be perfect for your brand.