Advertising materials available today are as varied as ever. Although many companies favour digital ads and social media campaigns, many conventional print ads still work. Ever since the internet changed almost every aspect of how we do business, there has been so much speculation about print media becoming obsolete. However, it cannot be farther from the truth. People are inherently visual, and print media still holds a viable place in advertising because it is practical, effective, and versatile.

If you are planning to revamp your brand marketing campaign this year, do not forget to include print media, and here are the reasons why.

Print media leads to better customer engagement

A retail business cannot rely on digital advertising alone. There are many ways you can make use of printed materials to advertise within the store premises, and especially outside. Banner printers today have come up with innovative ways to design ads that are not only eye-catching but also unique. If you are keen on digital technology, you can use mixed-media advertising, which is also quite popular today. For example, printed ads contain QR codes which customers can scan using their phones to connect to your website and qualify for limited promotions.

Targeted reach

Although you can have targeted ads using social media platforms, nothing beats the effectiveness of print ads. There is a reason why big-name brands still invest in billboards and print media. The reason is that print ads still work! You can have print ads inside the business premises to promote seasonal products, discounted items, and other promotions. For retail store owners, for example, an outdoor banner ad helps in catching the attention of passers-by regarding new items. With strategic placement and innovative design, your investment in print ads will pay off significantly.

Impactful campaigns

The prevalence of digital media has made people more oblivious to advertising. Most people today would either block pop-up ads or ignore digital banner ads they see online. For them, these are often a nuisance and do not hold any real value. On the other hand, print media creates more impact, especially if the concept is well thought out, and the print ad is placed in a strategic location. Unique print ads also encourage customers to post about them on social media.

Increased ROI for the company

Marketing is expensive, and if you are spending big money on multiple advertising channels, you need to make sure that you get the most return out of your investment. For print media, it can be quite challenging to measure impact and effectiveness, but you will know that it works because you see more people coming through the doors.

Mixing digital marketing platforms and supporting them with tried and tested methods of advertising such as banners and billboards will help in stretching out your budget and ensure that you are reaching as many of your target audience as possible. In the age of digitalisation, print still holds a stable place, which is why companies should not ignore the importance of adding print media in their marketing strategy.