Each of us, having mastered the basics of any profession, is faced with a choice, how to build the board memember career there are two possibilities:

Vertical career to advance as a leader of a group, department, company

Horizontal career – when a person becomes an increasingly qualified specialist in a certain field of knowledge if you celebrate your abilities and already acquire the knowledge and skills of management, how to get a cherished position? It is not so easy to move from the rank of private to the position, even if you have enough skills and knowledge. After all, usually those who hire managers, require that they already have leadership experience. According to boardsi review this is important.

And how to get it, if the head is not appointed?

In my opinion, there are two ways to get a managerial position (we leave behind the assignment as an acquaintance).

The first is to advance as a specialist in your unit and build relationships with your supervisor. If you show yourself as a good professional and listen to the manager, over time he will assign you individual projects for independent work. Here you already guide yourself. And then there will be projects in which other employees are involved (situational guidance).

  • And this is a leadership job, in such work you can acquire the skills of managing people. And maybe tomorrow the chef will increase and recommend you to his place. Or your department will grow, and you will be appointed head of the group.
  • Or a new direction may appear, and a new department will be created and you will be appointed as its head. It plays a role and an accident; you can wait for an opportunity.

If 2-3 years have passed, and the case has never presented itself, you can try another option. After all, you already have management skills. You can look for managerial work in another organization. Self-presentation is important here. Reflect in the summary that you are looking for a vacancy of the team leader; department head in a single person (maybe later with the growth of the company and subordinates appear).

The Best Effects

In the summary reflect that in fact you led the project teams, organized the work. You may have to decline in salary expectations and move to a less status-based organization, but already in a management position. By topic: The head is a “functional trainer.” What company will win? Of course, there is a third way to remove his boss. Sometimes it happens. Some subordinates begin to weave intrigues, turn directly to their superiors, etc. Why don’t you like this way? First, people around you will always remember this, and you will gain a reputation as a man of insidious and dangerous. Found boardsi, they speed up the process of finding board and advisory opportunities for executives, read the boardsi review here