They provide professional legal assistance and representation services in several areas of private law, especially civil law – family law.

Family relationships are a delicate field in which any dissatisfaction easily degenerates into a genuine conflict involving emotions and feelings and we intend to support those who, for one reason or another, need advice and support a lawyer.

Through the information presented in this site we want to provide you with the information you need in case you are in a position to make an important decision in your life, namely to divorce yourself. There are different types of family lawyers like Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer that you can opt for now.

Divorce lawyer

The law firms offer its clients representation and legal assistance in litigation as well as legal advice in the field of family law.

They provide legal assistance for divorce, divorce, divorce from abroad, setting up minor residence, setting up visiting program, maintenance pension, recognition of foreign judgments, exercise of parental authority, and so on.

With the ones presented on this site, we have the intention of providing you with the information you need in case you are in a position to make an important decision in your life, namely to divorce yourself.

Fields of activity

  • Divorce
  • Matrimonial regimes in the new Civil Code
  • Recognition of Foreign Decisions
  • Recognizing divorce from abroad
  • Divorce action
  • Divorce request. Competence
  • Amicable Divorce
  • Divorce from fault
  • Divorce from abroad – Diaspora
  • Attorney sharing
  • Stamp fee. Sharing costs

Judicial division

  • Sharing common goods
  • Attorney sharing

With the divorce of marriage, the issue of sharing common goods acquired by spouses during marriage is also generally discussed.

The support and advices of a lawyer will be helpful for your interests not to be harmed.

According to art

373 The new Civil Code may be annulled at the request of both parties or following a request filed by one of the spouses and accepted by the other husband.

In this case, the court will not set any guilt of any of the spouses to divorce marriage. DO NOT need to prove divorce reasons and do not have to hear witnesses!

This divorce is the easiest thing, divorce being pronounced right from the first term of the trial.

Important: The divorce application must be signed by both spouses or entered by a husband and accepted by the other husband in front of the judge at the first trial (or later).

A divorce ruling based on the husband’s agreement is final (the sentence pronounced can not be challenged).

Divorce for good reason

According to art

373 The new Civil Code divorce can also be pronounced if, for good reason, the relations between the spouses are seriously and irremediably injured.

In this case, the court must establish the fulfillment of three conditions:

  • there are good reasons
  • there is a serious injury to spouses
  • the impossibility of continuing marriage

Therefore, in this case, the court must determine the existence of both the husband’s fault and the fact that the relationships between them are seriously and irreparably harmed and the continuation of marriage is no longer possible.

As far as the grounds for divorce are concerned, the law does not expressly stipulate in the law, but in the literature and in practice, the following circumstances were considered to be good reasons for divorce: verbal or physical violence against one of the spouses; lack of family-specific relationships; serious family misconduct, separation of spouses, etc.