You have an apparel company and you want to sell your stock. That makes sense, but where is the best place for you to market wares? Twitter is a graveyard of trolls and Reddit is unlikely due to the site’s strict standards for posts. Facebook may seem like the only viable option, but can you even succeed there?

Marketing on Facebook is increasingly complicated and difficult. Best practices are constantly shifting and it is hard to keep up. You could continue to struggle in vain, or you could use these tips from pros to boost your results! Here is how you should be marketing an apparel company on Facebook!

One of the first and easiest methods of getting some buzz on Facebook is to offer coupons or deals. By spreading the wealth you may have a lot of people spreading your clothes. Everyone loves a great deal and you can get some major progress by offering discounts. You will need to make sure you do not overdo it and end up losing money, of course, unless you can write off promotions as a part of your marketing budget.

Make sure you have access to your online store available via social media. Marketing is fantastic, but marketing without the ability for a potential customer to buy something is meaningless. Facebook now has the ability to sell directly from their platform. As long as you use properly vetted and fully secured credit card merchant services, you should be okay to sell to the public.

Also, make sure your online marketplace offers shipping options to best suit the needs of your customers. The last thing you want to happen is getting a willing customer who then has to cancel their purchase because of shipping or purchase issues. Marketing is meaningless if it does not convert into direct sales.

Contests are another fun and potentially viral tool you can use to market on Facebook. Scavenger hunts, raffles, and lotteries are all great ways to increase engagement and get some attention on your brand. A contest may capture the imagination of your community, but you have to be careful! Unless you already have an audience make sure your contest has a prize people will be interested in. There is nothing sadder than a contest that gets no engagement and ends with a whimper.

Also, market your products on Facebook by posting photos and videos! Get professional quality images and videos and put them up, as well! Post as many glamour shots as you can to grab attention. Getting attention can be difficult on Facebook so strong visuals are a great way to improve your marketing. Make sure the images are well lit and fit your brand approach. You should also make sure that your visual content is age appropriate so it never gets blocked by Facebook content blocking.

Finally, get your band out there and engage with the community! If you see someone posting an image of an outfit you like, even if they’re not your clothes, why not compliment them? Spread some love and give an uplifting message or two! If someone is struggling, give them some positive reinforcement. Make sure your business stands for more than just selling swag. Stand for being nice people with solid values. The community will gravitate to your products, eventually.

Follow these simple steps to gain engagement advantages from Facebook and increase your revenues! Using these marketing tips will help get your apparel moving off the shelves and onto grateful customers!