Writing is fun because you can share your thoughts and ideas with other people, which somehow helps them also in some way. If you are planning to be a great writer someday, then you should start now. Don’t worry if you lack the knowledge and tools to use because this article will help you become a competent writer. 

Use a Word Counter Tool

To be a capable writer, you need to adapt to the changes that are happening right. Changes in technology, lifestyle, weather, and health are essential to be a competent writer. Talking about technology, the word counter tool has a unique feature called Pomodoro timer. Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro technique timer in the year 1980s.

The Pomodoro timer can help writers be productive since it provides different types of time management. The first-timer you can use is the Pomodoro timer, which consists of 25 minutes cycle with 5-minute breaks between them. After the fourth cycle, you will have a 15-minute break. The second timer can be adjusted, and the third timer is a primary timer. 

The Word Counter Tool also has Character counter, which is almost the same as the word counter itself; it only helps you realize the right character limit for your social media accounts. Mind Map is beneficial when you are still starting your article or essay because it will provide you with a map to list your thoughts when brainstorming for ideas.

Writing Tools

A writer must have a great writing tool to write their stories more effective and at the same time, faster. Writing manually with your bare hand is useful if you are still on the brainstorming stage, but if you are already writing your article’s content or stories, you should need to have a better writing tool, and below are some of them.


If you are not confident with your grammar, Grammarly got you covered. If you purchase the premium package, you can do many things with this kind of writing tool, like grammar correction, word spelling, synonym, plagiarism, etc.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is s perfect tool for writing to have, you can do many things with it, and it is also ideal for writing long articles or novels. It also has great customizable features that anyone can use easily.

Google Doc

Besides Microsoft Word, Google Doc also great to use for writing. You can access it free online using your Gmail account and share it with your co-writers without converting it. It is also for free, which means you don’t need to spend anything to use it—best for those writers that are still starting and don’t have enough budget.


Evernote is a program that you can sync to all of your devices for saving essential details. This tool is excellent if you have multiple information and ideas that you want to access anytime and anywhere.

Reedsy Book Editor

It is a free online word processor that will help you format your book as you write. You will also see your drafts right away to turn into a perfect-looking and ready to publish output.

Do I need to adapt online? 

Writing using at least one of these gadgets such as laptops, computers, or even tablets, is going to make it easier for you. Writing on a piece of paper is a thing in them already. So if you want to work faster with your articles or novels, you need to step up your game. Below are some of the most suitable gadgets for a competent writer.

  • Google Pixel Go

It has an excellent battery life for more extended usage even you are not in your office or home. It provides a very comfortable and precise keyboard for hours of non-stop typing, and lastly, it is budget-friendly. 

  • Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet

If you don’t carry a laptop all the time, this tablet is perfect for you. Just like a laptop, you can download and use this tablet for writing since it can also handle different types of applications such as Google Doc, Microsoft Word, and more.

  • Logitech K380

It would be best if you were comfortable, and one way to do that is to have the best Bluetooth keyboard. It is very stylish, sleek, easy to use, and can work any operating system and device. You need to consistently keep in mind that comfort is one thing that you should always consider when trying to find a gadget for your writing needs.


Using all of these tools, without question, you will be able to maximize your writing skills. Not everyone is gifted with excellent writing talent, but with hard work and the right tools beside you, you will, for sure, achieve your goal.

To tell you honestly, many tried, but only a few succeed because they lack information. A writer must also be a reader. Read many books, novels, facts, and articles to increase your knowledge and information.