The purpose of this schedule is to optimize the use of staff time, cleaning products and the stress of having to remember everything that must be cleaned.

Assembly is very simple and just follow 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Create a list of the main tasks
  • Step 2: Create a list of secondary tasks
  • Step 3: Determine the frequency of tasks
  • Step 4: Complete your plan

For more details on setting up your schedule see the full post and download the free spreadsheet.

Cleaning schedule

Make a checklist

This is a step for anyone who wants to make sure that the routine will be followed perfectly and everything will be done.

Preparing a checklist helps to keep things more organized and increases the degree of efficiency. This also avoids wasting time doing chores twice or forgetting about others. In this list, you include everything that needs to be cleaned to be checked when the day of these cleanings arrives.

For more details on assembling your checklist see the full post and download a free checklist. (Due to its particularities, the downloadable checklist is recommended for restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries and cafes). Also don’t for get to call the rubbish removal Sydney services on time.

Get the necessary materials

Make a list and get all the materials that will be needed for cleaning. Professional cleaning products, buckets, mops, cloths, squeegees and PPE are some of them.

It is important to remember that professional cleaning products are the best for this type of cleaning because they are suitable for companies. Only this type of product can offer the results and advantages that your business needs.

If you manage to organize all the material together in the same place, it’s cool, because it streamlines the service and makes it easier for the team to always find everything in the same place.

Inform and train the team

Just as important when putting together a plan is keeping everyone informed. The team needs to be aware of what and how cleaning should be done. To do this, show the schedule, checklists and indicate how cleaning should be done. That way, your process will be efficient and flawless.

Not keeping your company clean enough can do more harm than you thought

Surveys have already indicated that 90% of customers would leave with a negative impression of their business and that many of them could never return or even make negative comments about it. Considering that these reviews would discourage other consumers from visiting you it is really time to stop and consider cleaning better.

But the important thing is that you can change that today. It is possible to take immediate measures that guarantee the hygiene of the environment, customer satisfaction and even raise the standard of your company.