Smart investors think globally. To maximize returns and minimize risk, the best investors have holdings that span the globe.

Depending on how you count, there are at least 190 different nations in the world. Each one has its own economy. And while most of them aren’t worth investing in, many of them are.

To limit yourself to just one market is to limit your wealth’s growth potential and maximize its risk. Investing only in Australian companies, for example, could put your portfolio at risk when problems occur down under. But if you were also investing abroad, your portfolio could be much more stable.

If you want to be a smart investor, consider investing in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China. It’s not an independent nation, but it has a high level of autonomy, governing itself outside of China’s rule and reign.

This sets it up as a great place to invest. Keep reading to learn why this tiny dot on the map is worth investing your hard-earned dollars into.

Hong Kong Has a High GDP

Hong Kong has the 12th highest GDP in the world, sitting just above the US. And it only has a population of 7 million, compared to the US with a population of 330 million.

GDP per capita stands for the gross domestic product of a country, divided by its number of citizens. So a high GDP means that each member of society is producing a high output of goods and services.

A higher GDP per capita means that a country enjoys higher levels of prosperity. There’s money in the country and money to be made by investing in the country.

The Business Hub of Asia

Thanks to its autonomy, Hong Kong has business and entrepreneur-friendly legislation. This creates an environment where businesses can thrive and grow. It attracts a lot of attention and money from around the globe.

As the business hub of Asia, Hong Kong is a key player in the global financial industry and is the gateway to mainland China. Much of the global technological and financial innovation happening is stemming from Hong Kong. It competes with other, much larger nations like the US, the UK, Germany, France, and Japan.

Investing in Hong Kong Is Easy

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to invest in a business abroad. You can set up an account with a brokerage located in Hong Kong to gain access to all of their investment vehicles.

Alternatively, you can set up an account with a brokerage like Monex Securities, which can give you access to 12 different markets through one account, including Hong Kong and other Asian markets.

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Enjoy Global Returns 

Investing in Hong Kong and other global markets should be a goal for any smart investor. Diversifying outside of your local area is key to withstanding turbulent times.

And investing in one of the main business and financial hubs in the world is a good way to increase your overall returns as well.

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