If you have an illness that has left you unable to work, you probably think that applying for social security disability is quite straightforward. That is why you may decide to do it yourself. But, whether your application has been denied or you have been overwhelmed by the entire process, you will want to hire a reputable Rockford social security disability attorney to represent you. 

What Happens During Consultation

During your free initial consultation, your attorney will explain the disability process and ask you some questions about your situation. It is good to be prepared to answer their questions, so your lawyer can better determine your eligibility. Some of the pieces of information you will be asked about include your education, work history, and training, as well as your current job, social security membership, medical diagnosis, current medications, doctor details, physical limitations, and others. 

What Your Lawyer Will Do

If your lawyer determines you have a legitimate claim for disability after your consultation, they will schedule another meeting to talk about your claim in more detail. You will be told what to bring. Your lawyer will confirm that you have paid into social security and have enough work credits to qualify. Also, they will ensure your condition meets the qualifications set forth by the Social Security Administration as a disabling condition. Lastly, they must prove your condition makes it impossible for you to work in your previous position. They will request your medical records and may send you for more medical testing. A social security benefits claim has a better chance of being approved when you have strong medical evidence.

How Does the Lawyer Charge?

Often, social security disability lawyers don’t require any upfront payment from their clients. Thus, you will not owe your attorney until your benefits claim is approved. They will explain their fee structure to you before they take your case.