Over 70% of brand managers think building an audience is more important than converting sales. If you don’t get branding services when you need them, you won’t accomplish either of those things.

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. If a business’s branding is out of whack, customers might not even be able to associate that brand with a specific color.

Your business is the result of your hard work and money. Getting help with branding at the right time could save your business from its downfall.

Here are three red flags that mean your business needs help from branding services:

  1. Inconsistent Brand Materials

Inconsistency is a brand killer. Professional business branding services know how to create a cohesive brand identity and brand presentation.

Take the time to assess your website and promotional materials. If they don’t look like they’re from the same company, you have a branding problem on your hands. This is especially the case if you lack consistent brand colors.

Brands become inconsistent when business owners update their website and promotional materials on an “as needed” basis. This leads to a disjointed brand identity, which leads to an equally disjointed brand image.

Just as brand inconsistency confuses customers, brand consistency makes strong impressions. People are more likely to remember a consistent brand than an inconsistent one.

  1. Not-So-Ideal Client Inquiries

Are you getting inquiries from bad clients? Consider it a sign that you need brand development services.

Ideal clients are the ones that fall into your brand’s audience and purpose. They’re willing to pay for your services and products because they know you’re providing value to them.

Non-ideal clients, however, typically don’t have much in common with your audience. They will also complain about your prices or try to buy your services/products at a reduced price. They’re draining in terms of the time, energy, and money you waste on dealing with them.

Hiring company branding services will help you target your audience more effectively. That way, you’ll start receiving inquiries from ideal clients instead!

  1. Customers Don’t Understand What You Do

Weak branding leaves customers in the dark about a brand’s actual products and services. Hiring branding services will help your brand communicates its value and purpose to customers more clearly.

Getting inquiries from outside of your target audience is a sign of this problem. In fact, you might be getting inconsistent feedback from customers in general because of this.

Branding services will help you promote your brand and distinguish it from others. Both personal branding services and corporate branding services provide this benefit. It’ll make your brand will stand out with its strong identity, purpose, and value.

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Strengthen Your Brand With Branding Services

64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video on social media. Fortunately, professional branding services will help you produce quality promotional materials for social media.

Maintaining consistent brand presentation across all platforms improves revenue by up to 23%. That means hiring branding experts pays for itself in the long-run.

Bulk up your brand—check out more of our branding articles. It’ll benefit your business big time.