By law, through a series of Regulations have made the people who work with asbestos are protected for the risks involved with it. The laws include all kinds of work related to asbestos are present, and people who are exposed to them at work might be at risk.

The lawfully specified direct exposure restriction worth is 0.1 fibers/cm3 for all kinds of asbestos. This is the maximum acceptable concentration of asbestos fibers airborne at the workplace to which workers may be exposed. If a prepared asbestos relevant job task can subject workers to a greater concentration of asbestos fibers in the air, the employer should submit a composed notice to the HSA two week before starting any type of work.

Companies who are in charge of people operating in a setting with feasible ACMs need to act to safeguard their staff members’ health. The steps to be taken consist of:

  • Determine any type of ACMs before work starts and intend the job to interrupt them as little as possible
  • Prepare a written threat evaluation and a composed plan of work or approach statement
  • Tell workers the outcomes of any measurement of asbestos dust airborne in their work area
  • Avoid workers’ direct exposure to asbestos or do everything possible to keep the quantity of asbestos airborne to a minimum
  • Use expert contractors for any kind of job that involves considerable danger of direct exposure; such professionals need to use suitable controls, such as dust extractors and decontamination units
  • Provide proper protective gear for the kind of work and the degree of asbestos airborne
  • Offer info, direction, and training, to ensure that workers recognize what risks are entailed as well as what preventative measures they must take
  • Correctly get rid of any kind of waste which contains asbestos

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