As an entrepreneur, you are always going to have a million and one different things you have to juggle all at the same time – different priorities and opportunities pulling you in different directions all at once, challenging you to focus on the most important details in your business so that you don’t just survive in the middle of the most competitive business environment that’s ever existed, but that you really thrive!

And while there are a bunch of different things you could make an argument for being the most important thing to focus on in your business, nothing – NOTHING – is more important than prioritizing your profitability.

Sales drive all aspects of business, and without money coming in you aren’t able to pay your employees, your suppliers, offer your services or products to your market, or really do anything else in business.

You have to focus on prioritizing profitability at all times, and these five strategies below should help you do exactly that!

Focus on the positive

It can be really easy to let negative talk seep into your mind, sap your strength and your energy, and rob you of your focus when pushing for bigger profits.

But it’s going to be mission-critical that you do everything you can to focus on the positives in your business, to attract a healthy attitude in your employees and your leadership team, and to be completely comfortable putting profit first when you are building your business.

Make business personal

It’s always going to be personal for you to get your business to succeed, but how do you motivate your employees to pull in the same direction and work just as hard to make your business a success?

Demonstrate to your employees how the profitability of your business helps them achieve their personal and career goals; how it helps them in both the short and long-term, and reward them for helping you turn a bigger profit at every corner.

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Jettison the dead weight

Falling into the entrepreneurial trap of the “customer is always right” is one of the fastest ways to cut the throat of your business without even realizing it – and that’s why you need to jettison the deadweight and abandon your lousy customers and clients just as soon as humanly possible.

These other clients that demand too much of your time, too much of your resources, and too much of your focus without bringing in a disproportionate amount of profit to make it worth your while.

EVERYONE’S life improves when you throw them overboard!

Fall in love with flexibility

As an entrepreneur steering the ship of a smaller business, flexibility is going to be your greatest asset and your greatest competitive advantage.

Utilize the flexibility you have that giants do not to take advantage of new opportunities as they come down the pipe, to flexibly work with your clients, customers, and employees to create a work environment that benefits everyone, and always look for the “next thing” to add to your repertoire while really mastering your core competencies and you’ll have no trouble boosting profitability across the board.

Share the wealth

Study after study shows just how beneficial it can be in both the short and long-term to share the wealth of your profits with those that helped you make it possible.

Profit-sharing in a business can be a powerful motivator, can drive productivity through the roof, and can give your employees a little bit more skin in the game that drives them to outdo the competition at every turn.

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