An employer is responsible for offering a safe and reassuring workplace for employees. In the ideal world, the two sides shouldn’t clash, if both are doing their jobs respectively. However, there are various issues for which an employee may need legal help. There are many situations where hiring an Irvine employment lawyer is necessary. You may require assistance, if – 

  1. You have suffered workplace discrimination
  2. You have been subjected to sexual harassment
  3. You have wage related matters
  4. You have concerns related to workplace safety
  5. You ran into trouble with your employer on medical leave matters

In this post, we are sharing more on how an employment lawyer in California can help employees. 

  1. Understand employment laws better. There are state and federal employment laws that are applicable to most organizations. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand your rights and possible options, because these laws can feel complicated. A good lawyer can guide you on all aspects that matter for your concerns.
  2. Filing claims and lawsuits. Most cases related to employment laws are often settled outside of court, but the claims process and filing a lawsuit (where applicable) may not be easy to comprehend. From handling the paperwork, to ensuring that all due processes are followed, your employment lawyer can do it all. 
  3. Get help with negotiations. No matter the point of contention with your employer, truth is your employer has more financial and legal resources at disposal. You may want to hire an employment lawyer, so that you don’t feel shorthanded. It’s like sending out a message that you are not alone. 
  4. Dealing with court proceedings. Sometimes, matters may not resolve with the employer, and you may have to initiate court proceedings. For that, hiring a lawyer is very critical. Keep in mind that you have to be well-prepped to take on a big organization you are working for. 
  5. Get advice and assistance. Besides the above-mentioned complicated matters, you will need an employment lawyer for basic things, like reviewing your work contract. An experienced employment lawyer in California can guide on your rights and what you are signing up for, before you take a new job. You can also consult a lawyer to know if you have been denied certain rights and benefits you are entitled to. 

Find an attorney in Irvine who specializes in employment laws and has experience of trial, as well. Don’t shy away from asking relevant details related to their experience, and if needed, you can ask for a few references too.