In a world that’s propelled by Google and other search engines, it’s a lost opportunity if your pest control company is not spending on online marketing. Having authoritative online presence is key to outsmarting competitors, and it doesn’t have to be about big budgets. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the core aspects of online marketing. While your company may know everything about pest control, marketing and SEO are aspects that need professional expertise. If you are hiring a pest control SEO agency for the first time, you may want to avoid the mistakes listed below. 

Mistake 1: Not asking about experience

Every other agency may claim to specialize in online marketing and SEO, but when it comes to promoting a pest control company, niche experience is critical. Don’t be tempted to believe anything that an SEO agency says, unless they have enough relevant projects to back their work. 

Mistake 2: Accepting the cheapest quote

Most SEO agencies will be happy to offer a quick quote for your pest control marketing needs, but don’t be tempted to hire a service based on that alone. SEO for specific niches requires expertise and experience, and instead of just looking at the estimate, consider checking what an agency can do for your business. Don’t merely check for quotes – Compare what is being included in the price. 

Mistakes 3:  Not asking for a website audit

It is also as important to start with a website audit. This is basically an evaluation of your website, and most agencies will do that for free. The audit allows you to understand if the agency knows SEO for pest control businesses and what they can bring to the table, to address existing concerns. 

Mistake 4: Not asking about strategy 

You may not know anything about SEO in depth, but a competent agency will share its strategy. Try and find out if they are using the latest strategies, if they are focusing on local SEO, and optimizing Google My Business for your business. SEO companies that are secretive about their strategy often use black-hat tactics that can impact your website adversely. 

Mistake 5: Not asking for reports

SEO is a completely scalable process, and a good agency will share regular reports, so that you can get updates and track the growth of your business. These reports are usually sent once in every two weeks, or on a monthly basis. 

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