You’ve started a business of Personal Car Leasing, invested your own money and have great plans, but now what? Well, you’ll need to get your message out there so that everybody else knows too! Here we look at some great ways to market your small business, from word of mouth to ecommerce marketing services – what works well, and perhaps what to avoid altogether. So if you’ve taken that first step, read on to see how to get your business booming.

Going Up

You need an “elevator-pitch” that you’re able to give at a moment’s notice. A well written, professional, and informative pitch may get your business thriving from any opportunities that present themselves. You need to get attention quick, and then keep it for about a minute. So practice as you’ll never know when you might have to give it!


You need to actively engage in your community, be it locally or online. Your name needs to spread so that when there’s a chance of business, your name gets thought of straight away.

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As well as the community, make sure that you engage in cross referrals with complimentary businesses. Obviously these will not be your competitors, but businesses where their product and services compliment your own. Be careful though as referrals carry your recommendation and clients will not be happy if the secondary business do not provide the level of service expected.

In terms of referrals, think of having links on your website to other business, and have yours on their sites too. Monitor all new clients and determine the source of business. It pays to know where your clients are coming from.


You need to shake hands, learn names and become known to others. People think that networking is old fashioned, but it is good to deal with real people and establish contacts with suppliers or resellers. Meeting people is a great way to both promote your business and obtain better contracts with trades.

Coupons and Free Trials

Get first time purchases by offering discounts or free trials, building up a brand loyalty that will continue once the product becomes full price. Obviously the service has to be there with trials, but create a buzz around your business and let people experience how good yours is!

Site and Sites

Your physical site needs to be visually engaging, but don’t forget so does your website. Websites are often poorly created, hard to navigate and full of bad copy. Would you let your store be so badly presented to a customer, no, so don’t let your website come across as anything less than professional and efficient.

Interest is one thing, but you need to convert this “passing trade”, digital or physical, into sales. Learn to see how your business appears through the eyes of the clients.

Social Media

If done properly, it can certainly boost business, but it takes time and energy too that you might be better focusing elsewhere. Which is where you might like to outsource to a third party provider of ecommerce marketing services. Choose wisely though and stay constantly engaged, and be certain to check the return on your investment (ROI) from any service provider expenditure.

Nobody cares more about your business than you. Marketing your products and services is crucial to share with others what you already know yourself – that your business is great. With these simple marketing tips you can get started straight away and take the first step toward greater success.