Shopping, it is the thing everyone loves whether you need a new outfit or just willing to go see what there is, everyone makes a day out of going round shops looking at stuff you want and then making the quick decision to buy it or not buy it. But there has been a stir in the traditional way of shopping, people seem to not be going out more and more and resort to buying stuff off the internet for a plethora of reasons I will be discussing here.

Firstly, Only shopping simply saves time, it is extremely time-consuming to go out, reserve a day and go around looking for the specific item you want, you might not even find what you were looking for and end up being disappointed. Online shopping can easily get what you want, even if you search the image on google you will find it 10x quicker without wasting 6 hours of your day looking for different clothing and items. Not to mention that you can shop at any time of the day even if you want shopping at one in the morning, shops usually close at around 6 or 7 and people usually finish work at 5 so you can easily see the problem with offline shopping and the convenience of online shopping.

What would go hand in hand with saving time is avoiding queues. Everyone got deterred at some point in their shopping journey due to the massive queues there would be. Especially on public holidays and weekends when people actually can go shopping, the queues would be insane due to the fact that everyone who has an 8-5 job would probably go out on public holidays and weekends. Online shopping is an obvious solution to this problem, there is no one to wait in front of and no angry or fed up cashier dealing with everyone’s problems. Also, you can easily avoid crowds if you just stay in, if you are not one for crowded places and a lot of confusion then it is best to stay inside and shop from the comfort of your own home.

As I mentioned before, searching for items is so much easier, on sites like boohoo, Etsy, Asos, even eBay you can find everything you ever wanted in your wardrobe just with a click of a button. Traditional shopping is fighting a battle where online shopping has everything traditional shopping has but easier, and also cheaper! The cost if you buy things off the internet is usually cheaper. It is always best to check different sites, different shipping costs etc because you will never know what type of deal you can get, and if you can get an item for cheaper. For example, there are a lot of online book sites competing with each other, and in order to compete, you need to put up competitive prices which basically means that one might be cheaper than the other.

Privacy is also important in a day and age where it is so hard to get a bit of it. Online shopping offers the ability to go and buy something without anyone knowing. Traditional shopping does not allow you this, and especially if you live in a small place buying something that might turn a few heads around and would spread like wildfire, so it is best to buy it online. With the notion of being private, you can also do your shopping with bitcoin, more and more retailers are accepting bitcoin as a method of payment, and this is great because bitcoin is an extra layer of security which one might need and/or find reassuring. You can also indulge in bitcoin poker and enjoy your downtime not shopping with playing your favorite games.

A very good perk with online shopping also is the ability to know your site, you won’t end up buying from a sketchy 2nd hand store but you can check the reviews of a store, check the forums and the comments section and not feel pressured into buying what you want from that store or site. Usually, when it comes to offline shopping people tend to gravitate with more well-known brands, but there are some not as well known but still offer good quality stuff, the same goes with online shopping.

From traditional to online shopping, online seems to prove over and over that is is the better of the two, with it being easier, cheaper and quicker. With the added bonus of having a completely private search and being free to shop whatever you want, especially if you shop with Cryptocurrency!