Did you know that around 50% of gift recipients are unhappy with the gifts they receive? If you worry that the special woman in your life is faking excitement over a gift, this is the year to step up your game and finally get her a gift she’ll love. 

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, or any other woman in your life, these tips on how to pick the perfect gift for her will put you on the nice list this year. 

Keep reading to learn how to become a better gift giver. 

Start by Brainstorming

Before you do anything else, start by making a list of everything that comes to mind when you think of that person. What are some of her hobbies? Are there sports teams, TV shows, authors, etc that she absolutely loves? Does she love to cook or play a specific sport? These are great places to start. 

From there, you can look online for loving and unique gift ideas related to some of the items you listed out. There are great websites like thecinnamonroom.com that have plenty of romantic and sentimental gift options that can relate back to the special woman in your life. 

Consider an Experience Over a Physical Gift

If the person you’re shopping for seems to have it all, consider giving them an experience instead of a physical gift. To make it even better, make it an experience that you can enjoy together. 

For example, if they’re a foodie, look for a local food tour in your city that the two of you can go on together. Do they love being active in the great outdoors? Book a kayaking tour that you can do together. 

Experiences are a great way to show that you’re thinking outside the box and paying attention to what your recipient loves. 

Stalk Their Internet Presence

If you’re still stumped for ideas, turn to the internet. Does your recipient have a public Amazon wishlist? There could be gift ideas hiding there in plain sight. You can also look at their social media profiles for ideas about things that might interest them. 

For example, maybe they’ve posted on Facebook about wanting to take better pictures? In that case, you could give them a new camera or photography lessons that would thoughtful and practical. 

Make It Personal

While, of course, the gift you give should be personalized to your recipient, you can also personalize it from yourself. If you have a longstanding inside joke with your recipient, give them a gift that relates back to that. 

Or, make them something from scratch that will always remind them of you. If you’re a writer, for example, you could write a short poem or even fill a journal with some of your favorite memories together. You can never go wrong with a gift from the heart. 

Find the Perfect Gift for Her

After reading through these quick tips on shopping for the special woman in your life, you’re better equipped to find the perfect gift for her. Keep these tips in mind for every holiday and special occasion and get ready to see her look of happiness when she opens her next gift. 

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