Despite how common gender discrimination is, it can be hard to identify and prevent. This form of discrimination occurs when an applicant or employee is treated unfavorably because of their sex. The U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces the discrimination law that prohibits gender discrimination in the workplace, including gender identity and sexual orientation. Gender discrimination becomes illegal if it impacts employment terms or conditions such as discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, compensation, and layoffs. Victims of gender discrimination can depend on an Employment Discrimination Lawyer Austin for legal help. An experienced lawyer can help with any form of gender discrimination including the following:

Gender Bias in Recruitment

Employers and managers may practice discrimination during the hiring process by allowing their gender biases to impact who and how they attract, interview, and hire candidates. Some employers may not hire a woman, despite her qualifications, because they think she would not fit in a traditionally male role. Gender discrimination occurs when recruiters and employers ask female candidates interview questions about their marital status, but not male candidates. 

Sexual Harassment

This form of discrimination includes a boss, coworker, client, or subordinate making comments about one’s look, asking the victim to spend time together outside of work, or making any type of sexual advance. To be illegal, harassment should be severe or repeated.

Unequal Opportunities

Whenever an employee gets unequal compensation and benefits or is being passed over for a promotion or raise because of their sex or gender, they may be facing gender discrimination. Also, pay and promotion differences become discriminatory if one’s gender is the only consideration. Other examples of this type of gender discrimination include getting unequal wages for the same work, getting a different benefit package, and being denied disability leave because of one’s gender.

Gender Identity Discrimination

This form of gender discrimination involves unfair treatment based on one’s sense of gender or the cultural characteristics associated with it. Examples include being denied access to the restroom at work that matches one’s gender identity, getting unequal pay or benefits due to one’s gender identity, and being denied employment or being fired due to gender identity. 

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Anyone can be subjected to sexual orientation discrimination. This can happen if a person is treated unfairly due to their sexuality. It includes being denied a promotion, discriminating against a person for their assumed orientation, and berating or insulting a person due to their sexual orientation.