Pets are meant to give companionship to a person with their intelligence and personality. Over 29 million households in Australia have a pet, out of which 40% are dogs, and 27% are cats. Thus, Australia has the highest pet ownership rate (61%) in the world.

Owning a pet is always a responsibility. It involves buying their food, pet supplies, vaccinations, walks, outings and, most importantly, care. Every animal has its own needs and specific lifestyle. Hence it is essential to be familiar with all these things before venturing out to adopt a pet. In this article, let’s have an overview of the nature of having a pet.


  1. Healthy Life: A recent research has found that people who own a pet exhibit better physical and psychological health than those who don’t. Pets, especially dogs, can improve the physical activity of a person. Taking your pet out for a walk is a means of regular exercise that can improve cardiovascular health. 

Pets can decrease the visits to the doctor as they help strengthen the immune system. Health studies in Australia have found that cats’ and dogs’ ownership has decreased the medical expenditure by A$3.86 billion in Australia.

  1. Companionship: Pets provide company and comfort to a person. Pet owners have less depression and more social connections than those who don’t. They are also very optimistic, occupied all the time, and peaceful. They can also help people fight with depression, anxiety and the related psychological conditions. 
  1. Learn to Be Responsible: Pets involve many responsibilities like feeding, bathing, and vaccinating. Therefore, a person who owns a pet has to learn many things to raise them properly. This also motivates them to focus on their personal lives more appealingly. 

How to Choose a Pet

It is a common tendency to choose a pet randomly according to one’s likes. Although likes matter, it is essential to choose a pet that fits one’s lifestyle. The behaviours and needs of each pet vary. Therefore it is important to do ample research before landing on a decision. 

For instance, dogs need a lot of attention and space to roam around, whereas cats need very little supervision. However, birds and rabbits can be the loudest and the messiest of all, whereas guinea pigs are much calmer.


According to studies, out of the 53% of pet owners, only 13% actually do the planning. Currently, Aussies spend an average of $12.2 billion every year on pet supplies and services. The average cost of owning a dog in Australia is $1,475 every year, whereas it is $1,029 for cats. The cost becomes lesser for birds, fishes, and guinea pigs. 

Chart out the expenses and be sure if you’re capable of meeting them. The house also should be prepared to welcome a pet. If there are small kids, security and health risks should also be taken into consideration. 


A dog or a cat can make a huge difference in a household. It is another family member who requires the same care and concern as any other person. Never leave the dog or a cat to starve or be left uncared. One thing is for sure; if you love your pet, it will adore you and give back the same. The same goes for negligence also. Remember, it’s a two-way street!