Social media influencers – Use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) – Taking advantage of search engine use for additional, targeted traffic.

In isolation, both are well-respected members of the marketing family for visibility, awareness, lead gen and direct sales purposes.

However, people are often found to be skeptical about social media’s impact on SEO.

It has been a debatable issue for a long time. If both SEO and social media are used in the right way, a lot of benefits could become of it.

Social media does impact on your business Search Engine Optimization in various ways. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be considered as a direct ranking factor.

There’s no surprise that today’s world has become more of a technology savvy environment, where almost every person across the globe is linked with a social media profile or has an online presence at a minimum.

Hence, this is the reason why there is such a strong emphasis on social media marketing and social media sharing for businesses.

Let’s have a quick view of how social media marketing influences upon your business SEO.

Social Media Marketing Impact On Your Business SEO

  1. Creates Brand Awareness
  2. Increases Domain Ranking
  3. Easy To Capture External Links
  4. Gets High Ranking In Search Engines
  5. Relevant Keywords And Contact Details
  6. Social Media Channels Do Act As A Search Engine

1. Create Brand Awareness

I don’t think you will deny the fact that your presence on social media helps in creating and increasing brand awareness among the audience.

Social media can be a great way to engage your audience with quality content and when they become addicted to your content, they will search for your domain name on Google or any other search engine for sure.

Consequently, increasing your visibility on social media will increase your visibility in the organic search which will, ultimately, increase brand awareness.

One can create contents with the required information, some beautiful work related images and short videos and can even create some amazing infographics which can then be actively promoted.

Also, you can build a strong relationship with your key audiences and can motivate them to share your content with their known ones if they find it useful.

I don’t commit that each and every content you put will include links to your website, but the chances are that viewing or reading your content will Google search your branded keywords.

2. Increases Domain Ranking

Well, it’s clear from above discussion that if you have gained popularity on social media then it’s very obvious that your domain ranking will increase.

If you are willing to distribute your content, social media could be the best channel to do so. Each piece of content you share on social media contributes to your brand’s and website’s visibility and credibility.

All this could be made possible through putting some efforts trying to engage thought leaders to share your content by mentioning their names into your posts, creating a giveaway landing page, and posting user-generated content so that they share it willingly.

3. Easy To Capture External Links

Social media platforms can be used to share and promote content which increases the probability of other websites referring and backlinking to it.

One can acquire these external links by providing some fresh and original contents keeping content length and quality in mind. When one succeeds in acquiring those backlinks, content shares will flow naturally.

4. Gets High Ranking in Search Engines

When you search for some companies and if it has it’s profile on social media, it will show up along with its official website.

If a company has the capability to rank its social profile along with its websites, the company would be able to beat its potential competitors in terms of both visibility and credibility.

Conditions are that the company’s social profiles are active and engaging with audiences.


When I searched for Google, I got following results you can see above in the image.

5. Relevant Keywords and Contact Details

Social media do contains brief excerpts but accurate and understandable details for the one visiting the page or profile for the first time.

Sometimes due to lack of time readers do not want to go into details and hence keep searching for short but accurate information and that’s the reason why people give more priority to Facebook pages and other social sources.

The profiles are optimized with keywords and contact details, website details, and sometimes the pages also are quickly responsive to the queries related to them. So social sources, however, boosts the search engines rankings.

6. Social Media Channels Do Act As a Search Engine

Social Media platforms aren’t just good for promoting and increasing brand awareness but it acts like a search engine too.

For example, YouTube. However, it was launched by Google in 2005, but it gained popularity and has got its own search algorithms. It allows you to search almost any and everything you want to. You can check to gain views.

Likewise, channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. can be used as search engines. So you have to make sure that you and your brand profile is available on these social media channels.