Criminals looking to capitalizing on the holiday spending, cats knocking down the Christmas tree (and the TV, stereo, and good china), and kitchen blunders are just a few things that can go wrong around the holidays. It’s time to take another look at these common incidents to see whether or not they’re covered by home insurance. The more prepare Phoenix homeowners are, the smoother the holiday season will go! This may be the perfect time to request a homeowners insurance quote Phoenix — long before anything happens!

Kitchen Floods

Most people know not to put bacon grease down the sink, but it’s common to forget that bacon grease isn’t the only thing that congeals. If you have some leftover gravy, for instance, it may seem perfectly reasonable to pour it down the sink. But gravy will react in the same way bacon grease will, and the damage can be downright destructive. Families with small water leaks may head out of town right after the holiday, and return to a flooded kitchen. Water damage and mold are usually not covered by home insurance, though some policies may have general clauses for accidents that this incident may fall under. 

Your Gifts Are Stolen from the Car 

You might be surprised at just who’s watching your every move this holiday season. If you decide to leave the gifts in the car to help conceal the surprise from your loved ones and a criminal takes them all, this generally falls under the off-premises clause in your home insurance policy. Some homeowners choose to opt out of this coverage, in which case they’re usually on your own. There’s a slight chance that car insurance will cover this incident, but it’s highly unlikely. The vast majority of home insurance policies will cover this incident, even if it’s just a small percentage. For those who live in higher crime areas of Phoenix, it may be the right move to get a policy with better coverage. 

The Cat Goes Wild 

The new scents, the change of routine, and all those new visitors can make pets become volatile or even dangerous. If your cat or dog behaves badly over the holiday season, you may want to have extra insurance to cover any destruction they cause. It should be noted that certain animals may carry a higher premium (e.g., pit bills, etc.) based on statistics. Those with pets are highly encouraged to have this insurance because the damage that pets can cause at any time of year can be considerable. 

Better safety practices can help lessen some of these risks, but they can’t eliminate them all. Getting a homeowners insurance quote Phoenix now can help you face the holidays with less anxiety and more cheer!