If you are investing a lot of time and efforts to display your company booth at an exhibition, then you must make the best out of this wonderful opportunity. Here are few quick tips, which would help you put up the right exhibition display at trade shows.

Booth Location

Most exhibitions charge a premium price for the prime location booth. These prime locations are grabbed by top companies in advance. If you plan to opt for the prime location every year, then you need to make a deal with the contractor to leverage your business through these trade shows.

Appearance of the Booth

You can attract potential customers by designing the booths in an attractive manner. Companies like JF Litho can help you create the best displays for your business exhibits. They do all kinds of advertising for your business to attract prospective buyers at exhibitions.

Use clear signs and messages to make your point clear to the potential buyers. If you don’t have a clear message to influence the attendees, then there would be no chance of attracting good business at the exhibition.

Make It Approachable

Having various display options for different people will make your booth approachable. Few buyers would like to see a video demo on tablets and mobile phones. So, make sure that you have various display options like pamphlets, flyers, reading materials, video demos etc. Once you provide a good presentation or demo to your customers, they would like to engage with your staff. So, make sure that there are plenty of staff members who can address the queries of the customers and bring in more business to you.

Promotions and Contests

Everybody likes to win some prizes or money through contests and promotions. So, make sure that you attract the visitors with special promotions and contests. Before you run a contest, make sure that you take down the details of the attendees (like their business cards), which would be helpful for you to carry out future business with them.

Social Media

Reach out to your attendees through social media and try to offer some incentives for them. If people have already visited your booth at the exhibition, try to engage with them and provide them special incentives to promote your trade show on social media. This would help you to attract lots of customers to the booth, which eventually brings you more business.


Try to employ a host who can direct the buyers to the appropriate member in the booth and also try using some entertainment shows like magic or music that blends with the theme of the exhibition or with the theme of your booth. Having such entertainers is also important to grab the attention of the attendees to your booth.

After going through the potential tips mentioned above, we hopefully expect that you would implement these tips in your next exhibition display to earn more business.