There are many different parts that make up rigging services in Alberta. Some of these different parts include wired ropes, trolleys, clamps, turnbuckles and shackles. As you look to purchase each of these items, you need to pay close attention to the specifics surrounding the item and how it will impact your entire rigging system. Selecting the wrong item can limit the amount of weight your rigging system can hold or the type of items that can be hoisted. Here are four key factors to consider when you are deciding which trolley to purchase for your rigging system. 

How Much Weight the Trolley Holds

When selecting a trolley for your rigging system, one of the most important factors to consider is how much weight the trolley holds. Think about the heaviest item that your rigging system is designed to hold up and then ensure the trolley can properly support the weight of the item, as well as the weight of the wired ropes, clamps and turnbuckles that are placed around the item to hold it securely in place. 

If the Trolley Works With a Manual or Powered Hoist

Another key factor to consider as you look to buy a trolley for your rigging system is whether the trolley that you are looking at is designed to work with a manual or powered hoist. If your rigging system is manual, you need a manual trolley. Likewise, if the rigging system is electric, hydraulic or gas powered, you need the appropriately powered hoist. 

Whether Side Plates Are Included

One of the factors that you may want to look for as you go about searching for a trolley for your rigging system is whether the trolley offers side plates. Side plates help to protect the wheels on the trolley, keeping dirt, dust and residue out. This may help to lengthen the lifespan of the trolley. While side plates are not a must, they offer many benefits which is why you might want to consider one with this feature. 

The Warranty of the Trolley

The last factor to consider when you are looking to purchase a trolley for your rigging system is the warranty for the trolley. Some trolleys have limited warranties while others may last the entire life of the trolley. Always consider what type of warranty the trolley offers and how long the warranty is good for when selecting one. 

Building your own rigging system from scratch is a lot of work. If it is more work than you anticipated, learn your project in the hands of rigging services in Alberta. They can help put together a rigging system that is functional and best meets your needs, allowing you to focus your time and energy on more pressing issues.