Transportation has undergone drastic changes around the world and contemporary transportation includes several types of transportations. The best transportation 200 years ago was the waterways or through sea and river. In fact, it was through ocean ways the nations started connecting with each other since ancient times. Ancient civilization travelled through the sea for trade and war. After sea, the major transportation was done by train which started around 100 years ago. Today, we have road transport and airway transportation. If you seek the best transportation services, get in touch with Fortuna Transport for the best transportation and logistics services.

Perhaps, human beings first started the transportation by the help of horse, donkeys and cattle or oxen. These animals were domesticated for the purpose of transportation around 4000 BC. As per archaeological sources, the horses were domesticated in Mesopotamia and donkey in Egypt. Since then we have passed a long way forward, and after around 6000 years in 1900 AD only in the US the American owned 8000 cars, in 1920 it reached to one million and it is estimated that in 2000 there would be 220 million cars in the US more than one car for every American over the age of 18 years.

200 years before our sailors travelled thousands of kilometres in the ocean. Today, only in the US, we have 3980817 miles of roads comprising 1375486 miles unpaved and 2605331 miles of paved roads for our transportation. Out of the total freight, 40% is transported by the train and this is growing fast. We have numerous types of cars running on the roads with different mind-blowing features and colours. But the most popular car colour around the world is white. However, train travel still the most preferred mode of travel despite the luxury in the car. Andrew Jackson travelled from Baltimore to Ellicott’s mill by train becoming the first sitting president of the US travelling so far by train.

As far as transportation in trade is concerned, we mostly rely on trucks to the transportation of goods on roadways. You have approximately 15.7 million trucks only in the US carrying goods on the roadways. If you line up these trucks one by one end to end, the line would reach the moon. Petroleum is the basic materials used as fuel in transportation. However, an alternative to petroleum are many and one such fuel is biodiesel which was invented by Rudolph Diesel in the 1890s.