As a social networking giant and a leading online advertising platform, Facebook has revolutionised the way businesses communicate with their audiences. It can be easy, however, to get lost in the crowd.

The digital team at Adoni Media has put together three easy ways in which you can boost the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Step 1: Customise your audience

One of the fundamental keys to success in business is to ensure you have a detailed and thorough understanding of your audience. The Custom Audience function within Facebook allows you to target specific demographics and groups based on certain criteria. Targeting consumers with precision as well as monitoring your audience’s interaction with your page and competitor pages can help to ensure you craft your ads in a way that your target market will respond to.

Step 2: Align your campaign

Consider the content of your ad and if appropriate, tie it into a wider advertising campaign and your organic content. Those who engage with the ad, will want to see similar content posted on the company’s main page.

Trust also plays a vital role in increasing the sales of services or products. Builds brand credibility and trust among consumers by responding to enquiries and comments on your ads with transparency. In turn, the effectiveness of your ads is boosted as perceptions of your brand are lifted.

Step 3: Constantly monitor your ads

With ‘set and forget‘ now a thing of the past, it is crucial to continuously be reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of your company’s ads. In order to optimise your advertising dollars, it is important to constantly assess the results of your target audience and adjust your ads, whether it be content, copy or demographic, accordingly.