The major purpose of the dry erase boards is to have information written on it. They come with a glossy surface, which makes it easier to write on it and erase it. You can find out a wide range of the dry erase boards in white color which let its users have a clearer view about the things which are written on it. Since their introduction, they have known to be the great replacements for the chalkboards and offer a better display of the information.

Which material dry erase boards are made from?

The dry erase boards are made from plastic, steel or enamel. Some of the dry erase boards that are made with the steel allow the users to attach any magnet over it for extra information like schedules, daily tasks, etc.

Advantages of dry erase boards over chalkboards: 

  • As compared to the chalkboards, dry erase boards are very much easy to clean.
  • Where chalkboards require chalks to write on it, which can be really dusty, dry erase boards make use of markers that are much safer and cleaner options. 
  • The information written on the dry erase boards is stronger than the information written on the chalkboards.
  • Dry erase boards are more durable as compared to the chalkboards.
  • Dry erase boards make a convenient option for both schools and corporate offices, serving multiple functions. For instance, projectors can be easily used on dry erase boards as compared to chalkboards. 

Dry erase boards can be expensive, but their host of benefits makes them a worthy investment option for the workplace and educational institutions alike. The board requires good maintenance so make sure to choose the premium quality markers to write on them. For, a bad quality marker can leave permanent marks on your board, making it difficult to erase. 

Today, there are various types, sizes, and materials of the dry erase boards which are available in the market but 123ink dry erase boards are known to be the best one both in price and quality. So just select your desired board type today and order it right away. These boards are not just meant for writing, you can use them as your planner, time reminder or just as a notice board. In short, these boards make a stylish addition to any workplace and give the right impression to the visitors and clients about the organization and its performance.