There will never be a substitute for face-to-face interaction, but there are times when it is necessary to go virtual as part of your event program. Is it possible to create virtual events out of a multi-day conference?

Networking and disseminating sales and product information can be done more quickly and effectively using virtual events. To help you plan a successful virtual event in Singapore, here’s a comprehensive list of essential elements.

An Event Website.

A must-have for any live or virtual event. A website for an event will include everything from registration information to speakers, content, time and location, and more. Attendees will have a single point of reference for all things related to your virtual exhibition in Singapore.

Real-Time Polling.

Your virtual event organiser in Singapore will love this tool for increasing audience participation and providing dynamic (and relevant) speaker content, not to mention the valuable data it provides.

Content for a Real-Time Presentation.

When delivered and consumed in real-time, information is retained and understood better. As per a virtual event company in Singapore, attendees are more likely to pay attention when they are in the same room as their peers and can ask questions of the speakers because of this.

One-way, real-time audio/video.

Make sure your speakers can control their presentation without interruptions from the audience by using 1-Way Audio Visual. If your virtual event in Singapore is a sales kickoff for thousands of people, you can be sure that unmuted mics, unscheduled questions, and other interruptions will ruin a speaker’s presentation. This is usually not a problem.

Question & Answer.

A major benefit of a live presentation is that attendees can directly ask questions to their speakers via a question box or chat feature, and the entire audience can participate during the virtual exhibition in Singapore.

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