Whether you are expecting a relative to visit your house this coming summer season or you simply want to freshen up your interior with a cool and refreshing design, it is good to consider wallpaper for your home as a budget-friendly upgrade. The range of wallpaper designs available in the market today can give your interior an effortlessly stylish look.

However, when deciding to update your home interior design using wallpapers, it is wise to have a professional team to work on the task. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for wallpaper services in Singapore.


The main reason why wallpapers are a great way to update your home design is that wallpaper installation takes less time compared to painting your walls. With self-adhesive wallpapers available in the market nowadays, it will only take a peel and stick to make your walls anew. However, it will be more efficient to have a professional wallpaper installation team to work on updating your walls. As they are more experienced with the task, you can expect a good result in a matter of hours or a day at most.

Picture-perfect Finish

While a self-adhesive wallpaper for your home is really convenient, the challenge is that they tend to bubble when installed wrong. Thus, getting wallpaper services can give you an excellent finish without the risk of damaging your walls.

More Budget-Friendly

Booking wallpaper services are proven to be more budget-friendly, especially in the long run. Since it will guarantee a long-lasting beautiful wall, you will not be burdened with additional expenses as compared to a trial-and-error DIY. Most wallpaper shops also offer discounts or packages when you get their wallpaper installation service to minimise your expenses.

A wallpaper for your home is an excellent and affordable way to elevate the design of your interior spaces. To maximise the beauty of wallpapers, getting expert wallpaper services is highly recommended. Visit Frekkles, a long-time wallpaper shop in Singapore that offers installation services, for a better home interior this summer.