Did you know that there are over 30 million small businesses in the USA? This statistic shows that the US is still the land of entrepreneurial adventure and opportunity for many. 

Whether you are a small business owner or you are starting out in the manufacturing world, getting the right deal when negotiating freight shipping cost options is a crucial step. 

Since the result can affect your budget and your reputation, how can you ensure that you get the right deal?

Why not check out our in-depth article to find out. 

  1. Know Your Carriers

Not all carriers have the same goal, purpose, or strengths. Your first step is to research and what carriers are available and what they can offer you.

If you primarily offering your goods and services nationally, you may want to focus on shipping companies that specialize in internal distribution.

If you do ship internationally but only to specific regions, you may want to research specialists for that area. For instance, if you ship primarily to the Americas, you may want to consider Freight 180.

The key is to know what your own needs are and finding a carrier that specializes in just that.

  1. Pallet Management

One of the main keys to lowering the cost of shipping is avoiding extra payments due to oversize loads.

To avoid this, ensure that your carrier is experienced in using every inch of space available on the pallet. However, their loading method should not exceed to permitted footprint or the allowable height.

  1. Load Consolidation

If you regularly ship to the same location or are planning to. Load consolidation may save you a considerable amount of money.  

If your goods allow it, you may be able to ship a larger amount of your goods than ordered. You could then store the excess goods in the destination country and distribute it from that location accordingly as orders are generated. 

  1. Understand Shipping Routes

Understanding how shipping companies choose their shipping routes can give you key insights into how to lower costs. 

One example of this is to monitor the news to see how trade relations are affecting shipping between companies.

You can also see the direction that goods are generally shipped and benefit from slow routes. In many routes, goods are mainly sent in one direction for sale or distribution. This means that the trucks or ships that transported those goods are empty on the return journey. 

Can your shipping provider benefit from these empty shipping vehicles? Often companies will provide discounted rates to fill these otherwise empty spaces. 

The Best Freight Shipping Cost Options and Much More

Whether you are a manufacturer or a supplier, ensuring an efficient supply chain is a crucial part of your role. It can mean that your goods are delivered on time and at a reasonable price and in a way that builds a good reputation for your company. 

Ensuring that you research good freight shipping cost options is your first step. 

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