Want to offer a nice tasty meal to your loved ones every day? Or want to show your cooking skills? Then keep Kitchen Stories app with you every time.

I think from the name itself you can guess what this app is for. Yes. The app aids you in preparing delicious meals at your home. No need to go for the restaurants or order food. You can cook your own meals at your home. You can make anything simply if you have this app with you. There are thousands of wonderful recipes included here. Make every moment at your dinning table special. Celebrate special days with home made special meals and food. Definitely this app helps a lot in making your dishes and other food very tasty and unique too. So, have this fine app now on your Android phone using your favorite Android app store. Kitchen Stories.

Now you can watch how to cook videos on your Android TV using this app. Kitchen stories has different version for TVs. So that you can navigate around and use its functions using your TV remote. No need to use any external mouse or keyboard like other unsupported apps on TV. You can freely install this app on your TV box using Filelinked apk, Play Store and Aptoide TV. You have to find correct Filelinked code to access the Filelinked store that has this app.

Features of Kitchen Stories

This includes thousands of fresh recipes for you to try. If you want daily cuisines and dishes or if you want to make something special simply open the app and select the best out of best. This includes all most all types of recipes you love to know including desserts, soups, pizza, dishes, noodles, pasta and so forth.

When you open the app, you can see different recipes with their photo and name. Without opening the recipe, you can see the time taken to make the recipe and also the name of the chef. By clicking the name of the chef, you can see all the recipe videos of that chef or the person who shared it. Easy to follow your favorite chef.

When you select a certain recipe, you can see all most all the details related to the recipe. The overview of the recipe providing by the chef gives a brief description about the recipe. As well it includes the ingredients, nutritional value and it state whether making the recipe is easy or difficult, tools used and so on. Plus, there is step by step clarification of the process. Moreover, there are comments regarding the recipe too. Very clear and neat. Very easy to follow each and every recipe here. With the help of these descriptions, you can easily decide which recipe to select.

Also, this allows you to add some recipes in to your favorite list making it very easy to find the recipe again and again.

If you are a cooking pro and if you like to share your cooking videos with others through this you can do so. Simply upload your cooking video and share your delicious recipe with the other app users and make your name prouder. If your Android device does not have enough storage to store cooking videos, you can use Android storage cleaners or Android junk removers to get more storage without deleting your files.