If your disability prevents you from working, you may consider filing a Social Security Disability claim. The whole process and the uncertainty related to it may seem overwhelming, which is the precise reason why you need an attorney by your side. Working with a Tucson Social Security Disability lawyer can help your case in many ways, especially for going through the process. Here’s more on why you need a social disability lawyer. 

  1. Preparing your claim. Once you have hired a full-time attorney, they will start by filing a claim on your behalf. They will ensure that the application is complete as per requirements, so that the money you receive through Social Security Disability is the maximum, but you don’t have to wait for long. Remember that documentation is often among the primary reasons why applications are denied. 
  2. The appeals. You wouldn’t want your application to be denied, especially when have hired an attorney, but the truth is the majority of Social Security Disability applications are denied. This is where your attorney will work on the appeals, and this is a part of their work. There are various deadlines that are valid for different appeals, so everything has to be time-bound. Your attorney will let you know how the appeal process works. 
  3. Handling evidence. To gain benefits of Social Security Disability, your lawyer will gather all the information, reports and other relevant evidence, which will prove your inability to work. They may even talk to doctors to get additional documents, while in some cases, it may be necessary to get witnesses from your previous place of employment. Your lawyer will check and ensure that the evidence is strong enough, so that your application doesn’t get denied. 
  4. Representation at hearing. One of the main reasons why you need an attorney is to be with you at the hearing. Keep in mind that Social Security hearings may mean a lot of questions, so your lawyer will prep you for that. The lawyer will present arguments on your behalf, talk to experts and do necessary cross-examination, where needed, to prove matters on your side. 

Hiring a Social Security attorney in Tucson is entirely your personal call, but you should consider seeking expertise before you file the claim. This can impact the benefits you get from Social Security program, and eventually, it will also reduce the amount of work you need to do on your own for your case, as your attorney will take over.