Carports are structures that offer protection to vehicles. It can protect cars from rain or snow. The level of protection that carports provide may be limited because it doesn’t have four walls. It does not entirely cover the vehicle from the weather or the threat of the neighbourhood kids.

Usually, they only have one or two walls because they are attached to a house. They are open and well-ventilated, so they are easily accessible. They also come in different styles and are generally appealing to the eye.

The benefits of carports do not end here. Below, you can read the comparison between carports and garages to help you decide whether or not you need a carport (hint: you do).

Carports Vs. Garages

Most carports and garages have the same use, and it is to house a vehicle and protect it from things that may potentially harm them. However, they also have differences. Along with these differences are advantages and disadvantages. You can know more about them in the following paragraphs.

Pros and Cons of Carports

Now that we know what a carport is, these are its advantages:

  • They take less time to build
  • You can style them yourself
  • They require little to no building requirement
  • They are easily accessible
  • They are less costly than a garage

From the advantages, you can see how it’s flexible and how it can take less time and money from you. Moreover, you get to have more creative freedom because of its DIY potential.

As for its disadvantages, they:

  • Offer less protection from theft
  • Do not add value to the property
  • Do not have much storage capability

These disadvantages can be aided. In the case of theft, you can install motion sensors or security cameras, so it’s easy to identify anyone who does commit theft. As for the value and storage capability, that would depend on your lifestyle. It would depend on whether you plan on selling your house and your needed space (for storage) later on.

Pros and Cons of Garages

Garages have standard four walls. Some include insulation and electrical outlets; these additions are dependent on the need of the owner. With these additions, you can quickly turn your garage into a personal space where you can lounge or a home office.

Garages have the advantage of more excellent protection from theft or the weather. Since they engulf the vehicle, it is easy for them to protect it from outside threats. However, this feature of garages also gives rise to disadvantages.

The disadvantages of garages are that they are costly, and it takes time to build them. You would need to spend money and time on building codes and permit requirements. You would also need to pay the same with its maintenance and having it built. It is also not as easily accessible as carports.

Garages are for those who have enough budget and time to have a garage built. These are also highly recommended for people living in unsafe neighbourhoods.

On the other hand, carports are highly beneficial to people who have less budget and need to have a place for their vehicle. It would also help people who do not want a bulky and closed addition to their home, hence opting for a more open and accessible one.