Staying warm and cosy is one of the biggest challenges during winter. In a country like Australia, where white winter is typical, it is necessary to make oneself comfortable throughout the season. Although there are several methods to stay warm, nothing can duplicate the comfort of sitting by wood heaters, sipping a cup of coffee snuggly with winter music playing in the background. Here are some tips to keep warm at home during the chilliest season of the year.

  • Clothing in layers is a must during the season. Start with the thinnest clothes like cotton and move on to wool clothing such as sweaters or blankets. In this way, one can adjust the warmth by removing clothes as it heats up.
  • Cover every part of the body, especially the gaps such as the neck, ear, wrist etc. Always remember to wear socks and gloves to keep the palms and feet warm. Use neck gaiters and scarves to cover the neck. A scarf can cover the mouth as well.
  • Heat up the room by cooking food on the stove or oven. The heat generated while cooking food keeps the room warm. Allowing heat not to escape is also important. The heat generated in the rooms can escape through cracks in the walls, broken glasses, ventilation or gaps. Block these areas before the season arrives.
  • Keep an eye on the food menu as well! Consume food and drinks which are hot, for instance, food such as soup which keeps the body warm and healthy. It is better to avoid the consumption of alcohol since it lowers the core temperature of the body.
  • The best way to keep the interiors warm is by installing wood heaters. It can either be used to heat a single room or multiple rooms, according to the user’s convenience.  

What is a Wooden Heater?

  • A wooden heater is an appliance used to generate heat in homes and interiors efficiently using wood.
  • They are available in different sizes and price ranges. They are of different types such as convectional heaters, insert heater and zero-clearance heater etc.
  • Wood heaters are highly efficient as well as cost-effective and cheaper compared to the traditional fireplace. Since they use wood to warm up the rooms instead of other energy sources, they are budget-friendly.
  • The most attractive feature of the heater is its eco-friendly nature. Wood is the main component used in these types of heaters. Since wood is eco-friendly, it emits less carbon; that is, it does not contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • While buying a wood-burning heater, one might be worried about the installation purpose. Although installation depends on the heater’s size and type, it will only take less than a day.
  • Reliability is another attractive feature. Wood heaters work for a more extended period. Except for convection style heaters, other heaters do not require electricity or any other energy mode to function.
  • Apart from providing heat, it also adds up to the interior design. The heater offers a classy and aesthetic outlook to the room in which it is installed. As it is available in a wide range of designs, one can choose a suitable heater according to the existing interior design.