Alexandria is one of the many suburbs in Sydney that has been seeing a rise in residents. As an industrial suburb that houses many of its workers within dense residential areas, it has become a popular place to have a family. The ideal location for businesses has contributed to the rise in population, currently 8000 and counting. Because of this, Alexandria has been a hub for families owning homes that require a lot of maintenance.

The homeowner is responsible for taking excellent care of the house. However, damage cannot be prevented, especially when it comes to specific parts of the house, such as the plumbing system. Add the increasing numbers of homeowners in Alexandria and the need for repair and maintenance work, and you get a high demand for specialists. If you decide to live in this area, you have nothing to worry about because experts conduct some of the best pipe repairs in Alexandria. But how will you even know if the piping needs to be fixed? These are signs that tell you if your piping needs to be fixed.

Tell-Tale Signs of Piping Damage:

  • Peeling Paint

Now you might be wondering what would paint have to do with piping. You would be surprised by how directly connected damaged piping is with paint peeling off the walls. Piping runs through the house in the walls. If the piping in the wall gets damaged, water will leak through the hole or crack and reach the foundation. The walls will be the first to get affected, with water damage being a major contributor to paint peeling off the walls.

  • Increased Water Bill

You also should pay close attention to your monthly water bills. It is not only to have a set budget but also to watch out for irregularities. If you have been consistently paying the same amount or within a specific range for the water bill, then you know that there are no problems. But if there is a sudden spike in the water bill and it is not the typical water bill you get in Alexandria, you may want to check the entire plumbing system to see if there is a leak. After all, water will continue to leak, increasing your consumption of water.

  • Dirty Water

By turning on the tap, you can easily tell if there is a problem with the piping. If dirty water comes out, it can either be caused by two things. One, the water source itself is contaminated. You need to report this to your water provider in Alexandria immediately. Two, the piping in your house is damaged. If there are cracks or holes on the piping, foreign substances can mix with the water resulting in murky, brown, and smelly water.

The moment you see signs like these, immediately check the plumbing system. Please turn it off so that water will not be wasted and call for assistance as soon as possible for the damage to be quickly repaired. The longer you wait to fix damaged piping, the more problems you will have to deal with. From leaks in the walls and ceiling to water damage to your house’s foundation, you will have more things to repair unless you act quickly. Look for experts most effective pipe repairs in Alexandria to guarantee an accurate fix to the damage.