Networks are a phenomenally important part of our working lives. Without a strong network infrastructure, we can’t get anything done and our productivity plummets. Everything from collaborative projects to video conferencing to email depends on our workplace’s network.

Network monitoring is a practice where elements of the network are continually monitored, such as bandwidth, speed, and security.

Monitoring your wifi network and your wider work network is a crucial task for any business. In this guide, we’ll look at what network monitoring is and how it can help you. Read on and find out more!

How Does Network Monitoring Work?

To take advantage of network monitoring, you need to employ specialist programs like this enterprise wifi monitoring solution. These programs continually monitor the network from within, keeping an eye on how it’s running. It will watch traffic figures, bandwidth allocation, and any downtime that occurs.

These pieces of software can generate reports and you can also use them to check the status of the network at any time.

There are multiple protocols that network monitoring software uses. The two most common protocols are:

  1. SNMP, a protocol that can check the status of a huge range of networked devices
  2. ICMP, which can generate error reports when things go wrong

Why Network Monitoring Matters

We’ve looked at how network monitoring works but why does it matter? Why is it so important that businesses use network monitoring services to keep an eye on their networks? Let’s take a closer look.

It Allows for Problems to Be Solved Faster

If a component of your network goes wrong, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Depending on the component, the problems it could cause could be minor (in the case of a printer) or major (in the case of a router or switch). Either way, it’s going to impact your employees, and network monitoring tools let you find the problem fast and fix it.

A Reduction of Workload

Your IT staff are pretty expensive, so you should make sure that they’re using their time effectively. Monitoring tools mean that the IT team doesn’t need to trudge around your premises manually inspecting the hardware, which means they can use their time more efficiently.

Security Problems Are Found Faster

Security issues should be a serious concern for any business. A data breach costs, on average, a massive $3.86 million. If you can find and stop a data breach in its tracks, you’ve just saved yourself a heap of money.

Network monitoring tools can highlight anomalous behavior that could be behind a data breach, such as a large increase in traffic, connection from a new device, and more. When this happens, your IT staff can take action.

Network Monitoring Is Essential

Network monitoring is essential for every business. It lets you solve a variety of issues faster, which means you save money and your business can continue unimpeded.

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