Lanyards can serve as a promotional item for brands and souvenirs at wedding ceremonies. Whatever method you choose to use lanyards, one important thing is that the major aim is to display a message and communicate it to a set audience. The good thing about lanyard material is that you can customize the message (logo & text) to fit your taste and preference and pass a message effortlessly. Also, there are numerous ways you can adopt to customize your lanyard to make it serve you as expected. However, you need some level of experience, general design and art ideas to finish your options.

Set a budget  

Setting a comprehensive budget for any project you’ll embark on is financially advisable. And in this case, customizing lanyards is described as a project. Factoring the price, you will spend from start to finish will help you determine the standard of quality of lanyards you’ll produce at the end. Setting a budget will help you consider the market price of materials used for lanyard customization, and what printing option you choose to consider. With this, you’ll be able to filter the most expensive items from the affordable ones. 

Select a standard material

There are different materials you can consider for custom lanyards where each material has its quality, peculiarity, and uniqueness. For instance, the texture of polyester can’t be compared with that of cotton. Technically, when you intend to print, know that the polyester material does not allow printing on the backside while cotton material offers back-axis printing. So, if you want a printed custom lanyard both at the front and back, then you know the right material to select for the job.

Choose a fitting size

You might be thinking whether size matters when it comes to creating a custom lanyard. Well, the honest answer is yes, it matters a lot. Carrying out accurate measurements and choosing the right size will help you avoid waste and utilize whatever material you have maximally. In some cases, the type and size of lanyards that fits ID card may not be the same size and type that fits other items like the USB. Proper knowledge of what size is needed for your custom lanyard is critical. 

Select an attractive color

Ideally, most people choose one specific color of material for their lanyard especially companies. When you decide to create a custom lanyard for your company, whether for promotional or branding purposes ensure you select a color that appeals to the audience who you’ll gift. The type of color you use says a lot about your preference and perceived value from the set public. To select the right color, simply use your brand color or any other color(s) that resonate with your brand and the purpose of the custom lanyard.

Choose the right printing option

It is inarguable that most companies or individuals that do custom lanyards usually go for a printing option that is efficient and affordable. To a large extent, the type of material you use for your lanyards will determine the printing option you will utilize. Some materials require logo and text printed on both the front and back while others need printing on the front alone. In the long run, the printing option that would be selected is based on the available budget of the overall project.

Delivery timeline

Finally, what’s a great project without timely delivery. If you are creating custom lanyards, considering time and delivery time frame is necessary. To manage the entire process professionally, you can outsource the task to professionals and tag them with a delivery timeline.