Annual general meetings are very important. This is the day when the companyreports to its board members, shareholders and advisors about the present state of the company and it is also when proposed changes and other matters are going to be brought up. However, there have been many instances before where the board got blindsided by shareholders banding together and forming enough numberof votes that they end up removing the board in the process.

The idea might sound crazy, but stealth takeovers actually do happen a lot more than people would actually think. This is the reason why active communication with shareholders, one-on-one if possible, is truly paramount. Given the sophisticated marketplace at present, the boards are expected to get more information relayed to their shareholders as well as provide proper disclosure to them. A proxy solicitation firm plays the important role of assisting the company through actively seeking out those shareholders and making sure that they reach out to them one-on-one.

Proxy solicitation firms are able to help a company by determining the makeup of its institutional shareholders. They can then analyse their voting patterns. They are responsible for delivering regular reports to make sure that the company knows what things they can expect from their shareholders before the big day arrives. Informationlike this is critical to management as this will allow them to have the tools necessary in assessingwhether there is a need for them to shift their strategy before things get out of hand.

Boudicca Proxy Consultants take on the role of advisors as well as contacting shareholders so as to obtain votes. Issues relating to corporate governance, communications, and shareholder intelligence are better managed with a proxy firm as a partner. They provide numerous services related to proxy advisory, legal, and even investor relations- something that will be needed to make sure that each shareholderengagement is going to lead to a positive vote. They are also expected to offer advice when it comes to regulatory changes and other hot topics that may be in focus come the following proxy season. All this is aimed at getting an end result that is going to be meaningful, less stressful, engaging, and informativeannualmeeting through an informed and proactive attitude.

With this in mind, it is very important to find a proxy solicitation firm that will have years of experience in the field. After all, they will take on variousroles necessary to keep your shareholder in the loop and engaged at the same time. They will be responsible for reviewing any special meeting or annual circular, managing the announcement communicationsof the company, analysing the shareholder base, as well as interact and anticipate proactively with any proxy advisor policies that may arise.

Regardless of whether you are anticipating a stealth takeover or not, it is very valuable to have a proxy solicitation firmfighting for your side. The firm will be able to give you accurate analysis andassessment of your shareholder base to help you get better participation. After all, increasedparticipation by the shareholders will always be a crucial deterrent against those activist shareholders that may be trying to target companies that exhibit apathy to their shareholders. Learn more about the importance of proxy solicitation firms by reading about Boudicca Proxy Consultants online.