There is a plethora of brands and businesses that are competing against each other for a specific number of customers. You try to do everything that you can to allow your business to stand out from the crowd. You undertake CSR initiatives to make people associate your brand and business with goodwill and the spirit of giving back to the community.

Example of CSR for Differentiation: Abergeldie

Among some of the companies making an impact on the society and keeping in line with UN’s sustainability goals is Abergeldie, which is accompany established in 1994 by Mick Boyle. Of the kind of projects that it undertakes to provide better quality infrastructure for better communities, it would be easy to negatively associate them with being a resource hog, but they have undertaken CSR initiatives in order to improve their image as a business.

It is a company that is actively involving staff in learning and progressing along with the UN sustainability development goals. They are serving to inspire other businesses to think about the impact they are having on the society as well as the environment.

Promoting a Business Through Custom Clothing

CSR is just one of the many ways that you can have an impact on people through the efforts of your business. But what about your mobile teams and the impact they have. Think about it.

With the number of businesses competing against each other in the same space, there needs to be some kind of differentiation to set your business apart. The way this can happen is when you can outperform the other business and be creative, ambitious and adventurous at the same time to set yourself apart.

When your mobile teams are out there promoting your products, think of the impact they will be able to make with custom printed T-Shirts from These T-shirts can be vibrant and with your company logo while they are carrying out sales promotions and more.

They can even be part of your CSR initiatives so that passers-by know that it is your company which is making the difference with the activity they are conducting, either to encourage the community or to carry out promotions.

It creates Awareness

Custom T-shirts may be underrated because many people resort to other ways to promote your business. But it cannot be denied, however. It is responsible to create that much needed brand awareness for your business, by taking your name out on the streets.

People will be intrigued and will ask about your business from the team that’s wearing your branded T-shirts and advertising there. That’s awareness for your brand, right there. And it has been proven that when brand awareness is maintained, there are likely to be more sales for your business.

Think of why Coca Cola and Pepsi do so well. It’s because their campaigns are engaging and there is branding everywhere for the brand, on refrigerators, caps and clothes of the mobile advertising team and more. You can apply the same to your business, get recognized and grow awareness for your brand.