A home is a worthy investment and in order to get the most out of it before closing a sale deal, you need to increase its resale value. Every little detail counts when it comes to making the improvements that will fetch you the best price in the market. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly overhaul, it could be a simple interior makeover and a light exterior renovation. Always ensure that the amount you use in remodeling your house will be recouped during its sale.

If you are intending to increase your property value for resale or simply to upgrade, here are a few tips that are worth implementing;

Reinvent with a fresh coat of paint

You can spruce up your house by applying a new coat of paint to increase the value. Don’t paint any color just because you love it may not be appealing to a potential buyer. It’s advisable to stick to a neutral color as it is universal. The exterior can be painted with a weatherproof coat to make it more appealing.

Before painting, ensure that your walls are in a pristine condition, as cracks and dust mite infested walls could make your house lose value.

Spruce up your Landscape  

A great garden creates a wonderful ambiance, ultimately increasing the value of the property. This is because it is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they first arrive. Mow the lawn and ensure the hedges are clean cut. Invest in some trees and shrubs and also plant some flowers to give your garden or front yard a splash of color. If left unkempt and unattended it becomes an eyesore. You may also install some solar light to illuminate the walkways at night for beauty and safety purposes as well.


Adding a window does not only improve the appeal of the house, it reduces on the electricity bills as it allows more natural light to enter the house. Replacing or increasing the size of old windows makes a room look bigger and inviting. When installing a new window, ensure that it’s positioned in a place that highlights a beautiful view of your property. You may also consider skylights to brighten up spaces where windows may not be ideal.

Add more space

You can create more square footages by knocking out non-structural walls to open up spaces and allow more light through to make a room more appealing. You may also opt to add an extra room by transforming a porch into an additional living room or creating an extension for an extra bedroom or better still adding an en-suite to existing bedrooms. This will no doubt add you an extra buck.


When it comes to adding value to a home the kitchen should be given a priority since it’s the most frequented common room. Give your kitchen an edge by investing in new appliances, changing the cabinets, installing a new kitchen countertop. You could also redesign the kitchen space by knocking down a wall to make it more spacious or adding a center island too if the counter space is limited. If painting the walls is not an option, you can fix backsplashes to create a beautiful impression that will fetch you that extra buck


Did you know that an average person takes at least two years in the bathroom in the course of their lifetime? Now you know! Upgrading your bathroom could entice a potential buyer into making that purchase. This may involve adding new fittings like cabinets, replacing taps, sinks and faucets, installing new floors and countertops. You could also change the lighting and layout of the bathroom to add more value to your property.

Upgrade the Floor

For your floor, you may opt to refinish the one you already have or install a new floor to add significant value to your home.  Hardwood floors are most preferred as they last very long over and won’t need to be replaced only refurbished over time to restore that shiny streak.


Ensure that you engage professionals in all areas of your upgrade especially in electrical and plumbing work as shoddy jobs are likely to put off potential buyers.

The above tips are sure ways of making a huge difference in how your property looks and that will be reflected in its final worth. However be very cautious not to over-improve your property because this may end up being counterproductive.