UGears wooden model kits for adults have recently added a new puzzle game. A toy, a puzzle, and a real musical instrument ­ all this is about Hurdy-Gurdy. UGears Hurdy-Gurdy Kit is interesting both during the assembly process and after the instrument has appeared in front of you in its finished form.

Wooden Organ: A Work of Art

The toy is an exact copy of a medieval stringed instrument that first appeared in France. The assembled Hurdy Gurdy is a real work of art thanks to its exquisite decorative elements and precise elaboration of form and even sound. It allows you to play folk and dance melodies, and with proper skill, you can even play modern etudes. 

Because of its stylish design, flawless workmanship, and many hours of fun during the assembly process, the Hurdy-Gurdy became popular pretty quickly. This is, without a doubt one of the best toys among 3d wooden puzzles for adults from the UGears family.

Main Features 

Technically, it is a mechanical puzzle of medium difficulty.

  • All instructions regarding the assembly sequence can be found inside the puzzle box. They are illustrated, and the details are numbered; so, you just have to follow the step-by-step plan until the finished toy is in your hands.
  • The barrel organ consists of 292 parts, and after assembly, you will have a functioning instrument in your hands that can play simple melodies. 
  • Unlike other UGears mechanical models, the organ is equipped with 6 keys and strings, thanks to which, beautiful music is produced.

Want to try it? Go to the place where are UGears models made and look through the catalog. Here, you will find many more interesting things: cars and trailers for them, trains and planes, Treasure Box and Royal Carriage, as well as many other wooden puzzles, with which, it is so pleasant to spend a few hours of free time!