Search Engine Optimization is one of those powerful tools which is easy to implement, but difficult to master. A well-organized SEO strategy can play a significant role in increasing traffic to a website. But, a poor SEO strategy with common content mistakes can cause a degradation in site’s rankings.

Let’s go through the most common mistakes which can hurt a website’s SEO ranking.

1. Not implementing Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking the traffic and user interactions across a site. It helps the marketers to see where their traffic is coming from, tracks conversions, tracks the user interactions across their site and shows the most popular pages.

It is quite difficult to run an SEO campaign or to track the results over time without Analytics. It helps the SEO experts to see the pages that are underperforming and the pages that are getting a good response.

2. Irrelevant target keywords

The target keywords must be relevant to the page that is being optimized. Generic head keywords are capable of driving a huge traffic, however, if the keywords don’t match with what is on the page, the audience will not convert and the website will be left with a high bounce rate. It is very important to be accurate while choosing keywords to optimize a site.

A good SEO begins with accurate target keywords and it must be remembered that long-tailed and focused keywords can give best results for less competition. For better keyword strategy and guidance, consider taking professional assistance from digital marketing agency Delhi.

3. Less or no content or copied content

This is one of the most common mistakes in SEO that occur quite often on product or service pages. Adding such contents that are sufficient to describe everything about the product or service that is concerned will improve the rate of traffic to that webpage.

There is no such limit for the word count to be contained in the pages to get a good rank in the search results. The word count merely depends on the topic, the type of content and specially, according to the expectations of the audience.

4. Unable to identify the audience

The most basic principle of SEO is to identify one’s target audience, i.e., understanding the audience at the granular level. Many marketers assume that they know their audience very well and make the mistake of not understanding the consumer behavior in the market.

The audience also expects instant response to their queries and in real-time. It is very important to get an idea of the words that would be used by the customers while they search for one’s product or service to drive in more traffic to that page.You can also learn more about important SEO Metrics and KPIs to monitor in your campaign for better results.

5. Do not have unique title tags and meta descriptions

Every website must have a unique title, for those pages are usually shared and used as the text when the website is bookmarked by someone. Meta description, a 160-character sales pitch for any webpage within the searched results, are also important.

A custom meta description makes people want to click on the searched results. Therefore, it is important to make each one of them unique and persuasive, and the meta description must include relevant keywords.

Final words

It’s always better to assess the areas in a website that need to be improved in order to get it ranked higher in the searched results. From the above listed common mistakes one can make necessary changes to one’s website to make it more relevant and engage more traffic.