RPE or Respiratory Protective Equipment is particularly helpful for factory workers where the availability of fresh air is rarer than normal, and one needs an artificial support system to breathe normally and save the body from suffering from low-oxygen supply. The deficiency of oxygen is a common phenomenon in chemical works industry and industries where hazardous smoke is emitted in abundance. In order to avoid such a polluted environment, and breathing in air which is detrimental to human life, Respiratory Protective Equipment is an essential tool for survival.

When and why should one choose to opt for Respiratory Protective Equipment?

Sometimes it so happens that the highly polluted air inside of the workplace is not easy to remove or it may be impossible to remove. Therefore, Respiratory Protective Equipment is a must. It has been recorded by WHO (World Health Organization) that factory workers have a low life expectancy than that of the workers who do not work in factories or are exposed to a non-hazardous environment in the workplace. Chemical works industry and motor-vehicles industries are the prime victims to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Heavy inorganic chemicals, Sodium Monoxide, and Carbon Monoxide infused air is to be generally found surrounding these industries.  The best types of RPE are to be found with PPS Asbestos: respiratory protective equipment supplier

Types of RPE

There are various types of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and are divided into two major types.

  • Respirator or Filtering Device

A respirator is a device used to filter out air pollutants from the workplace. This can be further divided into — a) Powered Respirator and b) Non -powered Respirator.

  • Breathing Apparatus

It is an apparatus that freely supplies fresh air in the workplace, its source being an air cylinder or an air compressor. This can be further categorized into the following— a) Tight-fitting facepieces and b) Loose-fitting facepieces.

Working is an essential aspect of life, and one must look after oneself and towards the health condition of his/her loved ones or as to how the environment can negatively affect one’s life. Respiratory Protective Equipment can help protect life from the evils of the industry.