To work better and efficiently you need some acknowledgement, everyone needs so. The acknowledgement could be of any kind either it could be a trophy, a certificate, an embrace or even some kind words about your enactment. Whatever the form of acknowledgement is depending upon your nature of work, the results are always good. It basically is an appreciation about your actions and performance.

Usually you see a child dull in the class and at home too, not be able to concentrate on studies and find it boring. A salesperson whose sales are not doing well, a sportsmen putting all his efforts in his game but not seems happy. All these un-satisfactoriness we observe in people is due to the lack of appreciation they receive in their daily lives. This scarcity makes them dull in their life and resist their energy to perform better at their respective works.

This much needed appreciation for people is called Awards in our routinely language. Each field or organization which has people working together, competing and putting all their efforts to do better than other have awards assigned to them. There are usually big awards giving ceremonies conducted every year or two years to present awards to those who deserve it. Now what could be the direct or indirect benefits on the people who received these awards:

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  • Satisfaction of Work: Either the field of the person receiving the award is or whatever the shape of this award is, once they own it they have an amazing feeling of satisfaction from inside. They will be happy with their nature of work and less complaining about the difficulties present at work.
  • Increased Productivity: If the award is given for some special task performed by an individual, they will be motivated to repeat this action again and again and doing better every time. This will increase the productivity of the individual as well as of the wok too.
  • Tough Competency: Competition is what lies in every work field. Every employee needs to do better than the other employee in order to stand out from others. But award giving makes this silence competition tougher. People recognizes a sense of competency within them and struggles to achieve the award.
  • Reduce Negativity:Stress and fatigue are two main impacts observed in people while working in any field. With the desire to win awards they will have less negativity in their minds and a positive attitude towards work. Also the absenteeism of the employees is likely to be reduced.
  • Better Attitude: The employee, sportsman or an actor who have received an award will have a total positive impact on their lives. Their personal and professional lives will have a drastic change and they will have a positive vibe throughout.

Also, if you have someone special in your life who has done a lot for you, was there for you in all your good and bad times and means a lot to you. Then this person also deserves an award from you. Obviously not in the shape of trophy but a token of gratitude for being there for you. This will make them feel worthy and do a lot more again.