We use an awful lot of goods each and every day. Even though consumers appreciate the number of choices, they’ve got high demands on product quality. To satisfy this, manufacturers have to solve numerous challenges. The great part is that immeasurable developments have been made to help you succeed in this field. This article will introduce to you to the main ideas you’ll have to think about as you’re weighing and packaging fragile items.

The Best Solutions for Weighing Fragile Goods

To start off, it’s crucial to ensure the goods are handled mildly during the transportation process — from start to finish. The most important part is the weighing of the product. Using an automatic multihead weigher is going to allow this phase to be streamlined.

You’ll also want to understand that you will need special Yamato scales, especially when it comes to fragile products. Yamato has, in recent years, become the leading manufacturer of multihead weighers, checkweighers and comprehensive packaging solutions.

We’ve compiled all the modern knowledge and are thrilled to share these findings with our readers. With the world’s best solutions for packaging and weighing fragile goods, Yamato segments its products into four model series:

  • The SIGMA Series is a tried and true model with a track record of excellence.
  • The OMEGA Series is comprised of high-end multihead weighers that are outfitted with the best technological innovations.
  • The ALPHA Series is made up of robust multihead weighers that have exceptional designs toward the lower part of the price scale.
  • The EPSILON Series is one of the latest developments from Yamato and consolidates the leading features of every machine — with an excellent price-performance ratio to boot.

The series you choose is definitely a problem based on your budget. We can guarantee you that our team of consultants can suggest the best solution for your need. All four series provide specific weighing benefits for fragile goods. Multihead weighers are uniquely made for fragile products.

What you should also factor into your fragile good weighing efforts is reducing the drop height of your product as much as you can. The goods ought to be moved from the conveyer belt onto the top cone of your multihead weigher in a manner that is smooth. For fragile needs, a low inclination of the linear feed pans and the top cone is advised. To make sure your products stay safe, properly sizing and shaping your linear feed pans is just as important.