Intricately designed pearl jewelry can lose its shine if dust accumulates on it. It can be very tiring to wipe the dust from the tiny nooks of the pendant. So, customers invest in a jewelry box to protect their precious gemstones and pearls.

The jewelry boxes hold compartments for every kind of pieces. There is separate slot for watches, bangles, and bracelets. Earrings get store in small compartments. Necklaces and chains get stored in large compartment within the jewelry box. Here is how the jewelry box card concept comes handy.

The small jewelry box card given with the purchased Mikimoto pearl necklace or any other item can be stored in the customer’s jewelry box with it. For example, keep the pearl ring above the small card, which is half the size of business cards.

In this way, the customer will know from where the piece of jewelry came from. Just like a business card it will turn out to be a very powerful element of your marketing plan.

What to include in jewelry box card?

  • Brand logo or name
  • Authenticity certificate
  • Jewelry title
  • Material used
  • Care and cleaning instructions
  • Website and email information
  • Contact details

This small card makes an impression of professionalism, which the customer is reminded of whenever the jewelry box is opened and she lifts the pearl ring or necklace. So, it is crucial to choose an appropriate card style relevant to your niche.

Jewelry box card styles to consider

  • Basic cards – It will include the facts and is a good style in terms of utility. Simple design with clear and concise information on squares and rectangular cards is a popular style.
  • Picture cards – Images representing your brand helps to communicate better than words. Color splash on bursts and circles can grab attention.
  • Tactile cards – Unusual edges, shapes, or embossing can be felt and can be a good distinguishing factor. Tactile cards are die-cut productions, so can be expensive. For example, shapes like triangles, hearts, badges, anniversary shapes and more.
  • Outside the box cards – Fanciful, extravagant and creative presentation always grabs attention. You can order the shape of your brand logo rather than plain rectangular profile.

After settling on basic jewelry box card idea, it is time to contact the printers!