One thing that top reputation management companies believe in is the right to be forgotten. Sadly, this is not a thing in North America or many parts of the world for that matter. It has only come to light since Brittan has passed this law. We feel that it is high time to be employed all over the world. Since Google stands on their throne of wanting things to be relevant for the search going on at the moment the search button is clicked, we think they need to lead this charge. However, it will delete a lot of work that they try so hard to do.


The reason that most people think that the right to be forgotten is long overdue is that things happen. In the past, if you messed up, you were forgotten about within a matter of months. However, with the internet, you can now be judged indefinitely. How is that really fair? It is true that you should be responsible for your actions, but how long do you have to suffer the consequences of those actions. If you have paid your debt to society that should be the end of it. Since we do not have the right to be forgotten, you will be judged again in the future for those actions. Take for example a 40-year-old person trying to get a job today. Let’s also say they had a drunk in public charge from when they were 19 years old. Do you think that is really relevant to the situation they are in today? Do you think they should be judged for something that they did over 20 years ago as a college student? How would you feel if that was you? As you can see, we don’t need to be judged for as long as we are over our actions in the past. However, that is not the reality of today. If that same 40-year-old was being investigated for a job and a recruiter saw that information, they would likely not get the job. This is why we believe in the right to be forgotten.

Bring it In Line with Other Things

If that same 40-year-old had a bad credit score twenty years ago, it would not be relevant today. That is something that happened in the past. Credit bureaus are not allowed to report things after a certain amount of time has passed. In fact, they get deleted. This is something that we should enjoy in all aspects of our lives. Only the people that were directly involved should know about it. This is not information that needs to perpetually be advertised and found. Therefore, if we expect to move forward with our lives, we must bring search results in line with other forms of reporting.


Top reputation management companies hope that one day we will all enjoy the right to be forgotten. Until then, we are here to make sure that it is even harder to find that information about you. If you are ever in need of reputation management, don’t hesitate to contact your local online reputation management company.