Do you know what a replica watch is? Do you know its types? Have you a replica watch or considering buying one for you? As you see, a replica watch is the imitation of an original branded watch. These watches are becoming popular due to their elegance and low budget. Before buying a replica watch such as rolex replica , you must know its types. In this article, I shall elaborate on the difference between mechanical and quartz replica watches. You must know this before buying a new watch for you. You must know about the different parts of a replica watch.

Mechanical watches

It is the traditional type of replica watch. It is made up of 130 parts which are assembled. An automatic movement is the symbol of the passage of time through a gear mechanism. The evolution of your wrist winds it as you put it on. The balance wheel travels from one extreme to the other and back and is termed as oscillation. In complicated replica watches the number of parts is higher. There is a date, phases of the moon, etc. A finished replica watch has fitted movement with dial, hands, and case. These watches are somewhat more substantial due to mechanism parts.

Parts of a mechanical replica watches

An automatic replica watch has the following components.

  • Barrel/mainspring providing the power
  • Gear train, transmitting the power
  • Balance wheel & hairspring, oscillating, dividing of time
  • Escapement, distributing the impulses
  • Winding stem, for manual winding and setting
  • Oscillating Weight, for automatic winding
  • Dial train, activating the hours, minutes, seconds hands

Working principle of mechanical replica watches

The working principle is somewhat revolutionary but straightforward. An oscillating weight stretches to convert mechanical energy into electric power. The power is stored in a capacitor

Quartz replica watches

Quartz replica watches have an electronic component. These parts fit in a tiny place. There is a battery which is the source of energy. A rotor produces an electric current. A magnetic coil takes the current to the quartz crystal. In this way, it provides an accurate time. Here electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy. The gear train moves the hands on the watch dial. In an analog quartz watch, there is an electric circuit in the heart of the watch. So the quartz crystal watch works in this way. There is also a digital display in quartz watches.

Parts of quartz replica watch

The quartz replica watches are light and smart. Following are the significant parts of a quartz replica watch.

  • Battery, providing the power
  • Integrated circuit, controlling the quartz and the stepping motor
  • Oscillating quartz, dividing the time
  • Trimmer, regulating the frequency Stepping motor, transforming the electrical impulses into mechanical power
  • Gear train, activating the hours, minutes, seconds hands
  • Analog display

Sometimes the two types of time display are combined in a watch. It gives the dual-screen. This is beneficial for measuring the short intervals of time.