Blowing a flat tire or having your engine fail on you can be a huge blow whenever you’re out on the open road. The only way to get your vehicle to a repair shop or back home is to hire a tow truck professional that can assist you.

Towing service can get expensive sometimes, so you owe it to yourself to find ways to keep the price under control.

So what should you do when you need a tow truck? Consider the tips below so that you’re able to get optimal towing service while saving money at the same time.

Use a Subscription Service 

Roadside assistance is one of the best investments you can make. By prepaying for this service, you won’t have to pay full price for towing service.

In many cases, you will get free tows up to a certain number of miles, or may even get access to unlimited tows. When you have a roadside assistance plan, you will also be covered for other matters, like battery charges, tire changes, and locksmith service.

It’s best to have one of these plans in your back pocket so you’re both protected, and getting the best price for towing service when you’re out on the road. When you have roadside assistance, you’ll get connected to a dispatcher that can locate you and send the nearest driver your way ASAP.

Shop Around for Several Estimates When You Need Tow Truck Assistance

You might be asking yourself, what does towing service cost near me? The only way to find out is by touching base with tow truck companies in your area.

When you call them up or use an online chat, they will collect details about the type of vehicle you have, where you’re located, and where you’re towing to. From there, they can use these details to come up with a price estimate.

Once you get an estimate, you can use it by comparing prices between a few different companies. You will likely get a wide range of prices, which lets you choose the most reasonable for your budget.

Contact Your Auto Insurance and Credit Card Provider

Many services that you already use might provide towing discounts or assistance. For instance, many credit card companies allow their account holders to get a certain number of tow miles each year. It’s best to use these miles rather than coming out of your own pocket.

You can also check with your auto insurance policy to see if it includes towing service, or allows you to add this to your plan.

Consider the Distance and Nature of Your Tow Call

Finally, you can also save money by controlling how and where your vehicle is towed. For instance, you could choose to have it towed to an auto shop that is closer so you won’t have to pay as much in miles.

You may even be able to get your car back up and running when you tell the tow truck driver a bit more about what’s going on with your vehicle. Many tow truck drivers are also certified mechanics and can fix the car on the spot.

Follow These Tips When You Need a Tow Truck

If you need a tow truck, you owe it to yourself to follow the tips above. They’ll save you money and help you get your vehicle out of harm’s way.

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