Voice over narration is a hot commodity with many projects from corporate videos to e-learning courses using it. However, what is not great is the mistake that many people make with their voice-over narration. Voice over narration involves an off-camera narrator providing information or a commentary of what is happening in the video. The concept can be very simple, but there are a lot of ways that this can go wrong.

Trying to DIY

There are a lot of people who think that voice-over narration cannot be difficult to complete. After all, you just need someone to be speaking and not appearing in the video. All the narrator will have to do is say a few words and everything will work out fine.

While this is possible when the company has all of the production equipment needed, it is usually not the case. A DIY voice-over narration of a video will generally end up sounding just like an amateur company trying to do this. The timing and audio settings could be off and the editing can end up being choppy or completely nonexistent. It is recommended that you hire a professional production assistant instead as this is a sure way of getting the best quality results.

Placing Costs Ahead of Quality

Using your own voice as a way to cut corners is another mistake you will want to avoid. While the receptionist might sing in the choir or the CEO has premium paid speaking gigs, using a non-professional male and female voice over artist in order to save money will usually end up costing you in the long-term. This is due to the fact that the voice in the video is doing more than just relaying the words.

The voice will become the voice associated with your company. If you are choosing anything less than a professional, you may not understand the impact this could have on your branding. The first impression that a professional voice over artist can provide should also not be underestimated.

Choosing the Wrong Voice

The voice that you choose for the project needs to be the right one and you can even get this wrong when you go with a professional. Not all professional voices will work with the project that you have. An annoying voice is one of the biggest turn-offs for viewers while certain voices will not be suitable for the topic being discussed.

You do not want a booming voice when you are talking about a sensitive topic. An overly perky or a high-pitched voice can be the wrong choice for any serious material. A flat and monotone voice will generally put viewers of an e-learning course to sleep.

Not Having the Right Pace

The pace set for the narration will also have to match the project. There are some projects that benefit from a slightly slower pace such as medical narration and e-learning as this gives the viewer time to absorb the information provided. However, the pace will still need to be fast enough to keep people interested. The pace is a vital part of voice-over narration projects and experienced artists will generally know how fast or slow they should be talking.

Using the Wrong Tone

How much are you going to trust a happen and peppy voice that is telling you about a serious medical procedure? Will you feel like jumping on a plane to a travel destination if you are told about it in a monotone voice? Can you enjoy a learning experience when the voice is snarky and haughty?

These are all examples of when the wrong tone is being used for a project. The tone of the voice will determine the overall mood of your project and you will not want one that annoys or offends the viewer.

Not Providing the Right Direction

While most professional voice over artists will be able to determine the ideal way to read the script, you will have to ensure that this is aligned with your own ideas. To get the best results, you need to provide correct voice direction regarding the target audience, the style and the usage.

These are some of the biggest mistakes that people make with voice-over narration and you will want to avoid them. These mistakes are easier to avoid when you are working with a professional voice-over artist.