The special education teacher courses at the Scottish Learning Festival are tested and trusted by schools across Scotland. Our current and detailed course materials cover the training and understanding you need to build confidence, knowledge, and skills to enhance your professional capabilities as a special education teacher. Dialogic researchers conduct surveys of teachers each year to find out what they need, with the results informing the development of our course materials. Key information found in this report helps us shape future special needs teacher programs.

This qualitative and reliable ebook is all about the development of the special education teacher courses along with the faculty development program for teachers which helps to boost professional skills, enhance teaching abilities and offer suggestions to make better communication between parents and teachers.

This guide helps educators prepare for special education teacher courses. At a Glance Advances in Training Techniques and Technology, This special education teacher guide is specifically written for those considering special education teacher courses. If you are in search of course certifications, then you have reached the right destination. Our special education courses ensure to develop your skills and career in a better manner. Join special education programs to gain advanced-level skills and strengthen your abilities through our faculty development program for teachers. Ensure to choose the best certification course for meeting needs.

Using a combination of online and seminar-based learning, this five-day program brings together teachers from across the country for a unique Faculty Development Programme. Aimed at primary and secondary school teachers and lecturers looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of specific special educational needs, disabilities, or gifted and talented children. This very affordable course has been designed to provide an effective and structured framework for special education teachers, support staff, and teacher trainers who are new to the field of special education. The training course contains independent modules that cover fundamental skills and knowledge that together help you develop the necessary expertise to begin, or continue, investigations into teaching children with disabilities in mainstream schools, colleges, and home settings.

Special education teachers and educators can discover useful and effective strategies for working with both general and special children. It will help them to improve their skills in a fun way. This course aims to enable you to confidently support the learning of children with special educational needs and disabilities while facilitating your continuing professional development. It ensures that the candidates come away from a better teacher, better equipped to assess, plan, teach and support pupils with SEND in the class.

Contents include managing a classroom of students with special education needs and understanding the concepts of core knowledge and relevant curriculum content. Contents are packed into a business-like carry bag to keep everything together. This creative and comprehensive guide offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to tackling challenges and harnessing opportunities in the teaching of children with special educational needs. The course covers topics ranging from the needs of learners, pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment to an insight into relevant professional issues such as self-reflection, reflection in supervision, and research.

The special education teacher training course is organized by special education teacher training faculties offering an innovative special education teacher training course to improve the skills of every teacher. The course uses a variety of teaching and learning methods, with different approaches and strategies. Taught by experienced professors, the Faculty development program for teachers makes you more confident in your practical skills with the help of real-life practice. Various key points are discussed in this guide such as special education for the kids who suffer from similar problems, history of special education, teachers are very busy people nowadays, Useful things to know about special education and many more.

Faculty Development Programmes are one-of-a-kind courses empowered by special education teacher faculty. The programs were released to present colleges and schools a likelihood to offer a gathering of learning and instructive abilities, expand abilities, enhance thinking, learning, and discovering aptitudes, impart power, inspiration, and fine-tuning in the field of special education.

If you are a special education teacher and want to get certification to expand your professional skills then the Faculty Development Program is the best choice for you! It is designed by experts to impart the knowledge that teachers need and equip them with the confidence that they will successfully pass the CECPs exam. The faculty development programs meet the requirements of special educator certification personnel designated by the State department of education and based on federal guidelines for special education. This training allows for progression from candidates who are beginning their journey towards career excellence, as well as, for professionals to enhance or broaden their skill sets.

The Special Education teacher courses are designed in collaboration with the faculty members and students of a top-ranked university, resulting in a course that has been designed to provide an interactive learning experience as well as to develop professional skills. With this resource, you will explore a variety of strategies to help special education teachers make the most of a faculty development program. Begin by reading the introduction to find an overview of the package and read tips on making effective use of the site. The articles are arranged as sessions running from identification of learning needs through to evaluation. Throughout each session, there are links to resources that can be used or adapted to support the implementation of key ideas.

For over 16 years, these Teacher Training courses have been used by schools and colleges throughout the UK to enhance their Faculty development programme for teachers. They not only meet Department of Education Special Educational Needs stream training guidelines but also capture the essence of professional development within a school setting. The Professional Development Programme for Teachers will be held in Ireland from 22nd-28th August 2018. This program is aimed at teachers who are currently teaching in the field of special needs education and who are seeking a more comprehensive and measurable approach to the delivery of appropriate learning opportunities for secondary level students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Accredited teachers and school managers will find this course an invaluable aid to running a functional, efficient special educational needs department – whatever the size of the school. The accompanying CD-ROM is brimming with resources to help you run your department from the first day of the term until the last. Geared towards trainees, educators, and their associations, this program provides a reliable guide to boosting professional skills that touch on several subjects. The course is an opportunity to connect with professionals, network, and share ideas. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the best practices in special education, as a follow-up, or as a primer course to your CECs / CCEC program, this 5-day update seminar conducted by experienced, experienced educators is the right choice for you. Established in the year 2001, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute providing customized training solutions to academic institutions as well as corporate & government organizations.